Thursday, May 22, 2014

April 2014: Spending some time with an old friend.

April 2014

SK had to leave HK earlier than scheduled as his granny passed away. Since Vince can't change his flight, I was more than happy to host him for extra 3 days. It was like going back to hostel days when we will just lobo around the campus. Lol.

We woke up early to have dim sum at Chung Cusine. 

We made a trip to the Art Museum to only find it close. Sigh. No luck.

Meanwhile, he was happy to help out in the kitchen and be my assistant peeling prawn shell. Lol. He didnt even have to lift a finger at home when his wife cooks. Oh how I "ill treat" my good ole friend.  Well, there is no free lunch in the world. haaaa. Ok in return, I peeled those longans for him.

When we are free, we would pop up to my rooftop to enjoy the breeze and sun, staring at the green mountains - translated to breeding grounds for insects.

It was definitely nicer to be up there with friends than by myself.

 One of the nights, it was some Blood moon event and it was amazing to see the bright reddish orange moon!

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