Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Catching up: Singapore Day 1-3. Off to Savour 2014 Sg!

March 2014 - Singapore Day 1-3

After the wonderful Phuket trip, my man detoured us to Singapore so that I can spend some time with my friends and family.

I didnt have time to spend much with Mum really, so we only had one lunch together. Throughout the whole lunch, as usual I have to listen through her grievances about Bitch face. That's also why I didnt want to call her often coz the last thing I want was to waste money on stories about Bitch face. I mean we all know what Miss Ex SQ Materialistic & Lazy & Double Face stewardess  is like, so no amount of complaining will change anything. Plus we all know Mum will suffer in silence when faced with them since she is staying with them. I dont even want to waste my blog space and energy blogging about the 100 things wrong with Bitch Face. 

 Lunch was good though. Mum's recommendation was excellent. This is one thing I really miss living in HK.

Met up with several friends from secondary to uni & to ex colleagues. My uni friend brought me to Ion Chinese Restaurant to eat this special Xiao Long Bao. I didnt like all of them but some are good.

The following day, I met up with my secondary galfren Gwenie so that the three of us can go to Savour Sg 2014 together. Anything to do with potential good food gets me really excited. That carcass below got me really hungry.

To be honest, the affair is definitely NOT VALUE for money. For those pathetic small serving they are charging a premium price and I wont even say they taste all that great. So truth to be said, I was kinda disappointed. However, it was a perfect day with wonderful breeze and to be able to sit there with my high school best friend who just moved back to Sg from Sydney, is in my book, an awesome day.

Before we start hitting the stalls!

More selfies before the food!

Coconut dessert, looks nothing like the advertised photo.

The crowd builds up by 7pm

A photo with Chef Mark from my fav Sydney restuarant Marque.

Those mushroom oysters are really tasty!

second helpings!

Gwen brought us to Marina Barrage, it was a nice view from there.

We headed off to the hawker center nearby which was like dead town.... a look at the pricing.

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