Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Catching up: Sg Day 4. Off to DIPS & D.O.C

March 2014 - Singapore Day 4

Did a little window shopping and OMG, things in Singapore are disgustingly expensive. Almost 10k for a table?!!! WTF?! Eating on table with hidden gold?

Gwen picked us up from hotel and sent my man to the airport, not before we stopped by East Coast center for some quick delight.  What can i say? I cant get enough of those carrot cake (the chinese version as my man calls it) and those damn popiah.

Then dinner time,  met my college mates for dinner at DIPS at Duxton. It was seriously good. I like the food and service there, though I must admit age caught up with me and I had forgotten the server's name. Too hungry...whack all the food and forgotten to take picture of most dishes. But trust me, everything is good.

It was another wonderful nite of catching up with every one and talking shit. Talking Shit, I like that. Also "Spitting Saliva about work".  Where else will people understand the SG lingo and half baked sentence structure peppered with Hokkien or watever Jia Ba Lang languages rojaked together to form something so musical, so comforting to the ears and so contextually coherent. My Singlish.

Over dinner, it's amazing to see how people have mellowed down. Drew used to be a staunch religious person and while I have no issue with that, it bugs the hell out of me when he gets upset with me when I swear things like  "God damnit, Fking hell. etc etc" (and I swore alot back in college) So I used to have to tread cautiously on eggshell around Drew back then not to trigger the "word check" monster in him. However fast forward 20 years on, he no longer gives a squawk to what I swear with, though mostly these days its just "fucking hell". It's funny because he was relating his Army experiences where he had to beg his superiors not to curse and swear profanities and they actually relented to accommodate his sensitive soul. Haaaa haaa haaaa it was Hilarious!

The Joke that Drew remains the "holy holy" man after all these years

I bunked over at Gwen's place for my remaining trip and it was nice. It's always awesome to live with your good friend, who has her own place & she got everything prepared for me, including the exact soft fluffy down pillows she knew I love so much. Such is a blessed life I have got.

Next morning after sleeping in, we strolled to the famous ramen place near her place. It was salty. What's with all the Singapore food these days? if its not excessive oil, it's excessive salt and sugar. Are we trying to maximise the value of our health insurance to make sure we use it early or what?

After lunch, we made a leisurely stroll to D.O.C and YUM! I was too full to try their famous waffle but what the hell, no one can stop me from my sticky date pudding! Things are expensive in Sg, just coffee and cake cost like $22?!

After stuffin my face silly, we walked around Duxton and saw this Japanese cake shop. Too fking full to eat anymore though that strawberry cake was so bloody tempting.

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