Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Catching up: Singapore Day 7

Coincidental perhaps but one of our ex classmate flew back to Sg just while I was still there and so we had another round of gathering for some of the people who couldnt make it for the other night.

Some funny antics just dont change. It was like a blast to the past. Lol

A promise to be her first passenger after she pass her driving test

After lunch, while waiting for moo moo, Gwen and I decided to loiter in Ion and Crate & Barrel caught our eyes. I really, really really like their display stuff! Damn they dont have a store in HK yet.

After having our eyes feasted and full from the visual delights, we still have 2 hours to spare and so off we went for a quicl pedicure. I havent been to one for over a year and she never had been to one! Love such girly time!

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