Thursday, May 22, 2014

Catching up: Singapore Day 7. Dinner at DIBS

After a happy day with my secondary galfrens, dinner was a catchup session with my excolleagues.

It's funny how apart from my ex-boss, I have never had a gathering with my ex-teammates as a group. I guess apart from 2 of my direct staff, I never really truly got along with the rest of those guys. It isnt that we didnt like each other (or maybe it was while I was still working there) but I think we are just very different character wise. They werent used to my type of personality esp in an IT industry. Too advant garde for their liking & not nerdy enough? Or maybe as I found out in recent years via FB, I was too "ang moh" & "No holes barred" for them? Lol.

Plus I just didnt care about their existence or how they viewed me. I shrugged off every gossip and snide remarks behind my back. I am pretty good at ignoring what people have to say about me that are totally unfounded and unconstructive. Their problem, not mine. Instead, I'm glad I have found lasting friendships with the gals from the purchasing admin department. 9 years on after I left, there are still so much to say and catch up each time I return home for a quick visit.

This time round, someone in the group organised this dinner and I simply picked the place. It was a night of good laughs, gossips and venting. It was as if I never left though the names are getting more alien and unfamiliar as years go by.

While waiting for the group to arrive, I got to try this Yuzu liquor and it was awesome. Love it! Great recommendation!

Before food started, I thought it was time to huddle round for a group shot incase someone had to leave early (but nobody did!) We stayed till closing time and it was so funny how we were busy posing and trying to get all the "right angles" for the camera. Lol.

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