Thursday, May 22, 2014

April 2014: GreyHound Cafe IFC & friends' arrival

April 2014

Now that I have moved closer to central area, finding food is becoming more of a pain in the arse unlike back when I was still residing in CWB area.  

Discovered Greyhound cafe and while I dont like everything they had to offer, I do like a couple of things they have like their squid ink spaghetti and duck noodles. However, avoid the crabcake at all cost. It's terrible and taste nothing like crab cakes. It's greasy and tasted more like rubber.

Duck noodle

Meanwhile, my uni frens came to HK for some tradefair and I offered my guest room to them. 

I havent seen SK since we graduated! I was alittle taken aback when he said my home is too neat and makes him uncomfy because he's a messy person and plus he wasnt exactly a close friend of mine unlike Vince. I dont like to force people and I believe everyone should do what they like and so without feeling offended, I told him not to feel obliged and do watever he feels like he needs to do. So SK moved to a hotel leaving Vince behind. I think Vince might be happier since the source of snoring was gone and he didnt have to squeeze on a Queen bed with another guy. Hahahaaa

Took them to Lei Garden. The one at IFC really sucks as compared to the one in a Times Square. 

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