Thursday, May 22, 2014

Twelve cupcakes are in Hong Kong finally!

March 2014

Twelve Cupcakes is FINALLY in Hong Kong. Did I already mention how AWESOME it is?!!

I have fallen in love with it several years back despite everyone in SG around me telling me how expensive they are, overpriced etc etc.

I agree it isnt cheap, but who are you to dictate what I should or shouldnt eat. If it's something I deemed buyable and delectable, I dont get all those mood dampers that insist on badgering my Twelve Cupcakes purchases.

My stand is clear and simple, if you dont like it or find it a pinch, you are welcome to your views and boycott. However, I would appreciate it if you would so kindly step aside and not impose your narrow views on me and my taste buds. I'm not you. I have different taste from you. So suck it up and live with the fact that I DO LIKE TWELVE CUPCAKE very much and would INSIST ON eating it.

My salted caramel! Yum!

12 cupcakes here in HK is actually more expensive than Singapore  at HK30 for the special flavors, and comparatively to some other HK cupcakes. Still, at least I can have my fix now though I wish they have a branch in central and I didnt have to travel all the way to Windsor House.

My man was having his farewell and I ordered 2 boxes for his colleagues and staff. Payment was a pain since I have to go down personally to make payment and apparently the staff on duty that day was a blur sotong and didnt know what I was talking about. Thankfully I had a picture of details that my man's PA had conveyed to another staff over the order.  No matter, everyone liked the cupcakes.

Since I was in the vicinity, I thought I would pop by Ikea opposite. Ikea HK has been my best fren these few months. Dont think I stepped in much over the course of 6 years in HK but recently, it's almost a myst go to haunt of mine.

Spotted this lovely plant rack. Got it for my indoor plants that are too dwarfy to reach the light and need some extra helping hand! Cute isnt it?

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