Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Feb 2014: Excitement with HK stars & birthday trip!!

Oh wow! Before I realised it, I'm already in the middle of May! Talk about time flies!
Life has been busy peppered with excitement!

Feb 2014

After moving into my new apartment on Valentine Day, we made chanced acquaintance with the the HK movie crew filming a new movie next door and Voila! Next thing I know, Sammi, Cheung Ka Fai and Angela baby etc are standing right in front of me!

Apart from personalised signature from Sammi, it was awesome to be able to chat with her a bit and take a photo with my idol. Being the fact that they are busy working, I didnt want to interrupt them too much. However, they are seemingly all very nice people and work really hard. Angela for example despite being sick and honestly looking pale to me, brave on the long hours of shooting etc. Most of all, it was flattering that the stars would actually drank my humble home cooked soup. I am awed.

Sammi my fav artist!

Sweet Angela baby, whose bday just one day apart from mine!
With all the excitement over the international stars at our place and hectic days between the move, my man again took the time to plan a nice V-day dinner at RyuGin. The dinner was sooooo good. It deserved a separate post.

Mar 2014

My wonderful in-laws sent me a beautiful birthday card. I suspect my Father in law chose the card. He knows me well.

After the whole load of excitement, my man and I headed off to Phuket for my surprised birthday treat (esp after I worked so hard to pack for the move and unpacked etc). Man was it awesome! My man booked Trisara Private Pool Villa and we arrived just in time to be welcomed by the glorious sun set!
Fiery Sunset

Soft bed

Sunset from room

Jetty View

Dipping in our own private pool

Beach view

Sun baking

2nd night, we went off to Lotus Restaurant which was pretty good for seafood. It was the cab coming here which is ex. So stay at Movenpick if you want to eat here.

The food here at Trisara was good but it was not my fav destination. But first, my man was awesome and he completely outdone himself with the surprise dinner. I thot the trip was a great surprise but he topped it up this year. Gotto love this man. I can feel the luuurrrrvvve

Off to my surprise bday dinner!
such love

A very happy birthday gal

my personal chef for the nite

Birthday Surprise!

Lobster night

Waiting for breakkie.

breakfast area

Pool food

yummy crabcake

my fav porridge every morn

Service is kinda lacking here, the so call manager of the place welcomed us on our second day, and he saw us again on the following day during breakfast and introduced himself all over again. It was as if we never met. Considering the few guests they had, I'm surprised he couldnt be more bothered. On our last day, he buggied us back to our villa and he asked how was our hol, I kept quiet since I didnt want to lie about how under impressed I was.

The other problem?  For 2 nights, we heard scuttling scrapping and thumping noises up the roof.  There was some animal running across our roof jumping from tree to tree. I'm all for nature and all but please, couldnt you plant the trees further away from the roof? We never had this problem at Amam Resorts and the service there was top notched!

At Aman, every day, we were greeted by staff who addressed us by our name even without asking us for our room number. When I went to the beach, the Aman beach staff will water down the hot sand so that it's more bearable for us to walk. They would even come and adjust the sun shade without prompting as the sun angle changes. In fact, in Aman resort, the staff knew exactly which villa we stay at Amam but not here at Trisara. We are just another nameless face. I can be waiting for over 20mins after 2 reminders and my water never came. Only one guy was good at the pool area, the rest are all slackers at Trisara.

As well, the area is full of bitting insects which I never had at Amam..
One of the many "unwanted gifts"

The worse thing? We are to take a departing photo by the photo but the Trisara check out staff messed up and my poloraid never even turned out right. If I were to depend on that photo, I would not have any to rem by.

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