Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another case of bad cust9omer service

I called yesterday Monday to Sky net worldwide express, to arrange for delivery of my consigment. I was told it would be arranged today.

I waited from 9am till 2pm and i didnt hear a word. So suspecting something is screwed up and losing faith in sydney's service and their "word of worthless gold", i rang up the company.

Bingo! To my (expected) dismay, i was informed by the customer service that no arrangement was made for my parcel to be delivered today. Bitch. The bitch I spoke to yesterday forgot to do it. So i effectively wasted the whole day in the morn waiting for a parcel that never came.

I contained my displeasure and told them i expect it tomorrow, and They have better give me a time. I am not going to wait around again the whole day. Ridiculous.

See what I mean by incompetence? if it wasnt for tourism and their natural minerals, Sydney will be a dump if the city continued to be run by such attitude of neligence and carelessness...Such a pity... U would think sydney's businesses attitude would surpass but sadly and ironically, ended up much worse than developing countries in terms of customer service service and credibility.


LPPL said...

So do you think HK customer service is now better than Sydney?

"Know Thyself" said...

No, both are equally bad. Till now i still havent gotten my MPF money back and i emailed AXA and no one bothered to reply me. I shot one complain later to the MPF govt body, asking if that is how they cheat foreigners of our money, then finally that spurred some action from AXA. Bloody useless just as well. Luckily HK has a law that states all money must be returned to me within 2 months. HAH! See no complaints, still no action. bloody hell.

"Know Thyself" said...

only difference is that in HK, if they think you got money, or u can speak english better than them, they will response better. I dun like to use either or but at least that is the back up. sydney is just fk up.

LPPL said...

haha.. yes!! in HK everything is about money. if you have that, everything is a piece of cake. over in australasia, ppl are taking everything easy and slow. that's their style. i think more asian should invade their countries.