Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

It was total lunar full eclipse last night, where the earth, the sun and the moon fall into perfect alignment. I didnt even realise there was suppose to be one. The sky was clear, and the moon looked red and black. Supposedly, when there is enough dust in the earth's atmosphere the surface will appear blood red.I thought it looked alittle eerie, invoking a loneliness of the moon. Somehow it reminded me of all those anime that i watched about vampires and wolves.

I'm not a person who particularly am enthralled by astronomical events. Really it has no bearing on me and whether I had seen an eclipse, a star showers or not. All these have little impact on me. I couldnt understand those lips curling up in joy of those people admiring the night sky and the red moon. I couldnt understand what is this fascination about eclipse that have star gazers around the world trying to take a picture. Simply because its a "rare" moment i suppose.

i would much rather look at the sky full of everchanging clouds and of different hues that is close to me everyday, than to spend my time watching a somethins that is once in a blue moon.

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