Saturday, August 4, 2007

A quick drive through Kings Cross

After dinner, headed out to Kings Cross to check out what possible late night cafes we might unearthed.

Well, i didnt get any sweet desserts, but I sure got plenty of eye candies for the late night at Kings Cross. The place has clean up alot over the last decade and not as seedy as below. So you will spot couple of good shops like Pie face etc. However considering it is afterall a saturday nite out, you still see plenty of lips kissing, interlock hips of all gender, bright neo lights and wicked nottie display (though significantly much, much lesser than what I saw in Bangkok and Paris).

So here's my short trail of bustling "excitement" and not so raunchy pixtures for you.

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LPPL said...

if you happen to drop by auckland, it looks a bit like K'road and Fort Street.