Friday, August 3, 2007

My first yoga and Pilates

My arms have this numb aching pain but i am extremely pleased. Simply because I have been to a yoga and pilates class last eve! Yup, you got me right!

After my failure with Fitness First which didnt motivate me at all, i cancel the gym subscription within my "cooling period'. It was a failure attempt. No matter how, gym and I just dont cut it.

So while strolling around on wed looking for location of Ramen Kan@ Bondi Junction, i stumbled upon Elixr Yoga Pilates place along the stretch. I just wanted to check out the price but after talking to Peter the "consultant", he stir this interest in me. When i asked him if there was a trial period, he invited me down on Thurs eve to try the "Intro Yoga" and "Pilates Reformer" class where you get to use to roller machine. When Thursday arrive, I was kinda surprised that I was actually looking forward to the classes.

The intro Yoga was quite easy and relaxing and mainly gentle stretching, which is good for a lazy bone like me. I havent been moving my joints much and so this was a good start to get me moving - slowly that is. My upper torso and arms stretch are easy, but my legs hamstrring are hard. Sometimes i think I have longer legs than arms, thus the difficulty to reach my wriggly toes. Its amazing to see the instructor about to lift his legs into the air and his hands grabbing his toes with such ease. My legs and arms were flinging in the air with a HUGE gap between them. haaa haaa

Then i went on to try the pilates and my god, it was fun! Of course it was hard work too and every part of my legs, arms and abs had a good workout! Now i know why they say pilates will tone you right up! U just have to go try it! I regret that i didnt start earlier.

I felt so good after the 2 hours that I swear there was a healthy glow on my cheeks gone amissed since i lived in HK and not working out. I am happy too! That's it, i will so positively make a renewed effort to try out the various classes. And oh, did i mention they have a small 25m lap pool too? Yippee!!!

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