Saturday, August 4, 2007

Product Recall.. From China, Again...

Guess what? China manufacturers did it AGAIN.

Everything unsafe and dangerous you cannot think of is sprouting from the land of many irresponsible China businessman. I use to just avoid edible things source or made from china. Looks like i have to avoid ALL products MADE IN CHINA. It is utterly disgraceful.

Latest sin, toxic paint with dangerous lead content in CHILDREN's toys.

According to Reuters report, Mattel has been forced to recall its toys from the shelves in US and in Australia. Apparently Retailers were pulling Elmo, Big Bird and other Mattel Inc. toys from shelves last week because of a potential lead-paint hazard, these toys manufactured in China.

Mattel said Wednesday it was recalling 1.5 million Chinese-made toys worldwide because their paint might contain too much lead. Of those, 967,000 were recalled in the United States. It was not immediately clear how many of the toys were already in children's hands.

And while that is bad news enough, what rubs me off the wrong way is the reported way of China government holding its stance. Unless the "media" has some hand in fabricating words into the chinese gov's mouths (which i doubt it), abc news stated : "China has leapt to the defence of its manufacturing industry after Mattel Inc announced it was recalling 1.5 million Chinese-made toys worldwide because their paint may contain too much lead"

China's Vice Commerce Minister, Gao Hucheng, has repeated the government line that Chinese products are overwhelmingly safe, and has called on foreign media not to hype the problems of a small minority of goods or companies. "When problems occur, we never shirk, have always sought truth from the facts and responsibly deal with them," he said in a statement.

China has fought back against consumer concern by promising tough quality controls but also accusing foreign media of "alarmist" reporting that could stoke a protectionist backlash. "Over 99 per cent of China's export products are good and safe," Commerce Minister Bo Xilai said."

Dear People, tell me, how do you gauge that 99% are safe? How confident can we be of China's quality control and checks when over and over again every other month, some "accidental or honest mistake" happens? While saying "most" of the products manufactured in china is safe (or at least havent been caught out to be UNSAFE), so we should be considering ourselves lucky that it is ONLY the remaining 1% is allow to do its damages and harm other lives.

To protect your budding economy from backlash, you rather think its a one off incident. Well as far as I have been reading the news, it doesnt appear so. And even if i do believe the government strong stand in punishing the errant and despicable merchants, how sucessful can the officials implement and ENFORCE the legislation without worrying about bribery and officials in cahoots? I simply have no faith, not in this generation at least.

Now to all sensible consumers who VALUE your life, let us just have a quick review of the tip of the so call 1% shall we?

The voluntary recall comes almost three weeks after the Herald revealed that blankets containing formaldehyde at levels almost 10 times the international upper safety limit were being imported from China by the Australian company Sheridan.

On March 15, FDA learned that certain pet foods were sickening and killing cats and dogs. FDA found contaminants in vegetable proteins imported into the United States from China and used as ingredients in pet food.

China’s former top drug regulator was sentenced to death Tuesday for taking bribes to approve untested medicines, as the country’s main quality control agency announced its first recall system targeting unsafe food products. an antibiotic approved by Zheng’s agency killed at least 10 patients last year before it was taken off the market. Current regulations on product inspection, issued in 2002, mention the need for a food recall system, the China Daily said, but the issue has not been systematically addressed.

June 28: Tainted ToothPaste made from China

The U.S. government has stopped all Chinese toothpaste imports after reports that some products sold in Australia, the Dominican Republic and Panama were tainted with diethylene glycol, a chemical commonly used in antifreeze and brake fluid. About 900,000 poisonous tubes have been found in hospitals for the mentally ill, prisons, juvenile detention centers, and some hospitals serving the general public.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration also warned consumers not to buy or eat imported fish from China labeled as monkfish because it might actually be pufferfish, which contains a potentially deadly toxin called tetrodotoxin. The problem was discovered after two people in the Chicago, IL area fell ill after consuming soup made with the "monkfish". The monkfish are individually packaged in clear plastic sleeves and placed in a plastic liner which is inside a cardboard box. There are no lot numbers on the box. The boxes are packed l that reads "MONK FISH GUTTED AND HEAD-OFF PRODUCT OF CHINA". A second box panel bears nutritional facts and the following, "Ingredients: Monk fish; Imported by: Hong Chang Corp, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670; Product of China (P.R.C.)."

California Department of Public Health warned consumers not to eat fresh ginger imported from China after the California Department of Pesticide Regulation’s residue monitoring program detected the presence of aldicarb sulfoxide in some batches of imported ginger. Aldicarb sulfoxide is a pesticide that is not approved for use on ginger.

DEADLY fake medicines, including tablets made with yellow road paint and unhygienic pregnancy testing kits, are part of a tide of counterfeit goods from China posing a danger to health, consumers were warned yesterday.

The FDA has announced that they have independently confirmed that the seasoning used in "veggie booty" is contaminated with salmonella. The outbreak, which has now sickened 61 children from 19 states, continues to grow. The source of the contamination is thought to be spices imported from China by Atlantic Quality Spice & Seasonings of New Jersey

Some of the vegetables sold in Hong Kong's leading supermarket chains are dangerously high in pesticide residues, revealed Greenpeace last week, confirming that much still needs to be done to improve the way pesticides are used and tested in China.The organisation that campaigns for protection of the environment tested a small selection of vegetables, mostly green leafy vegetables and others like tomatoes that tend to absorb pesticides, sold in the Parknshop and Wellcome supermarkets between November 2005 and March 2006. More than 70 per cent of the 55 samples contained pesticide residues, and 30 per cent (17 samples) of these exceeded 'international standards', it said in a statement last week.

Greenpeace indicts that no improvement has been made since the group first reported pesticide found in vegetables a year ago. They have been closely monitoring the regulation effort of Government on vegetables, and conducted another round of testing by collecting 20 samples from various districts across Hong Kong early this year

Several Shanghai supermarkets are giving customers refunds on eggs that city health officials warn may contain a chemical linked to cancer. Food and drug regulators in other provinces have banned some brands of duck and chicken eggs after finding traces of the potentially carcinogenic dye Sudan-IV in the poultry products

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