Monday, August 27, 2007

Manga vs Ikemen and Hana Kimi

Also read the Hana Kimi Manga after watching Ikemen Paradise series. The drama ended with a cliff hanger sort of thing with sano coming to i am wondering if they will be expecting part 2 to be produced later....

The manga is certainly MUCH funnier and better than both the Taiwan and Japan TV drama combined.

I realised that the Taiwan version followed pretty much faithfully to the manga until the ending few epi which is crap. If Taiwan had followed thru to the actual ending, it would be way fantastic. I guess they just wanted to save for part 2...which is really POINTLESS because whatever scenes they didnt adapt, Japan took most of the remaining/other manga scenes and acted on it. Japan's Hana Kimi version certainly tried to adapt the manga ending but not close enough as they left it hanging.

if u want to know the true manga ending, -Sano confessed his love to Ashiya before her real identity was discovered, and they affirmed their true feelings for each other after all the turmoils and incidents. Well, Ashiya left Japan as the Japan series portrayed when her true identity was accidentally discovered when the Hall one head saw her changing. In the end, Sano completed the remaining term alone and went to states to further his uni education to be with Ashiya. Happily ever after!

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