Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dun wanna talk.
Dun wanna listen.
Dun wanna answer.
Dun wanna write.
Dun wanna hang out.
Dun wanna socialise.
Dun wanna be nice
Dun wanna think.

Just wanna lie in bed all day
Just wanna listen to ipod all day
Just wanna read all day
Just wanna be left alone all day
Just wanna watch dvd all day
Just wanna eat nothing but bread & nutella all day
Just wanna be mean
Just wanna sulk all day
Just wanna scream all day

I just want peace and quiet and shut off.

I miss those days where i can just pass a 3 whole days not having to talk to anyone, not at work, not at home, not anywhere. Just me and my ipod music. No one bugging me what is wrong. No one trying to talk to me. No effort of keeping up a facial expression that assures everyone else but me.

Nothing is wrong.
I havent gone off the edge.
I just need my own space.

1 comment:

Jo said...

Haha... go back to live like high school time... I did that too.