Saturday, August 4, 2007

Enough of "Made in China"

Even if you want to boycourt things "made in china" which I have been deliberately been out to do so, companies are making it hard for me as a consumer to have that choice.

Everywhere i turn, Everything i flipped over, it is 99% "made in china", which probably explains the "couldnt give a damn or care less" attitude by those irresponsible manufacturers out to make big money in such good times.

I had a choice to pay $200 for a warm blanket made in Australia with products sourced from australia, or pay $138 for a similar one made in China. No rocket science to know i would rather fork out more for a safe one which I know i can sleep with ease without worrying some chemicals are in there trying to kill me with every breathe that i take. But what is worrying is that in the wide shelves spanning of 50metres with 5 brands, of 3 rows, I could only find 1 brand with 1 small row slot that carries blanket that isnt made in china. How sad is that? What happen to consumer choice? I cannot even seem to pay for my own "peace of mind" anymore.

I went to coles yesterday looking for spices. I refuse to buy anything that even said "Made in Australia with ingredients sourced from other countries." if it isnt clear where it's from, I'm not taking a risk.

Then I move to Harris Fresh supermarket that stores the freshest vegetables and perishiables. I had a choice of Garlic from China or Mexico. China obviously being cheaper but being place side by side, those from china looks suspiciously TOO WHITE and CLEAN. was it bleached? I have no idea and i do not want to speculate. In comparison, the mexico ones had a bit of brown and purplish natural colour that you expect vegetations to have. Again, no winners for guessing which ones i Pick.

The thing is, as consumers if we continue to buy things from china and not protest about the shit the country is dishing out at us, we will forever keep suffering and be under their mercy. I am taking a stand, for myself and for the next generation to come. It might be a wasted effort, and might be a battle that I do not win. Hell, at least I know I am doing something I believe strongly in and in the process, not getting poison by "made in china".

No countries can be free from making mistakes in exports. I accept that. However the worrying increased in frequency and the fact the scene is NOT seemingly improving says alot. I would rather support made in vietnam, made in thailand, made in cambodia, made in malaysia, made in timbatoo for all i care, not no longer "made in china" as much as i can avoid it. And if you have any better sense and value your life, i urge you to do the same. If you are living in china, well, I can only pray for your good health.

Here's another blogger stand of things made in china.
"Do NOT put anything
"Made in China" in any bodily orifice.That would include ear, eye, nose and throat as well as any of the unmentionable orifices. I would also caution against applying anything "Made in China (Hecho in China) to the skin, scalp or nails or your vehicle's rims as well as avoiding feeding any of it to your pets."


LPPL said...

You are reading comments from a soul that leaves the master coz it cannot stand the toxic element he is taking everyday.

"Know Thyself" said...

yah you have my sympathies but you just have to rough it out for another few more months and u will be embraced by the land of freshness, hopefully not too overrun by the inflood of trash from china by then. Keeping fingers and toes cross. meanwhile, u should stick to organics...