Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Dark Knight Trailer

After "Wanted" (Angeline new flick), the next movie on my radar of "must watch" kist is the new Batman movie. Apparently it has rave reviews despite the 3hrs duration and everyone loved it. I could only hope its not an overhype due to poor H.L's death.

I saw the trailer and H.L looked really good there as the role of joker. He actually looked kinda scary.

You know, I think the movie industry should stop playing roles where actors have to paint their face all white and gordy because 2 actors who have done that are dead. The first freak death was Bruce Lee's son acting in Crow many years back and he too had the similar eerie ghostly white face and funny eyepaint job. Same for H.L who died for the most unknown reasons...I see no reason for a loving father to kill himself and also when work is going so well for him. I wont speculate.

If I am any superstitious, the chinese saying would be the living soul couldnt recognise the body and the evil spirits took possession. That is why all our asian scary movies have spirits with white face and funny eyes...

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