Monday, July 7, 2008

JIA Boutique Hotel (HK)

I really liked staying at JIA boutique hotel in causeway bay (No. 1-5 Irving Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. ), especially the fact that the place comes with washing machine and that saves me a bundle with all the dirty washing. And so many complimentary stuff and free broadband internet plus local calls. Got a good rate as a friend is working there so it was a great gift.

I love the suite because it really has a feeling of "home" as the name impiled. It is also the first boutique hotel designed by Philippe Starck. The building and concept was given birth by this Singaporean Entreprenuer Yenn Wong whose family owned PC Asia. Apart from this boutique hotel in Hk, they too have one in Shanghai, as well as owning the Australian Graze restaurant in Rochestor Park in Singapore.

Even though this is a service apartment, it comes with service like a proper hotel where they will change my towels and sheet and clean up everyday. The wooden floor actually is mopped everyday and feels clean without having to wear any shoes. The toilet amentities are actually pretty good and non drying too and not those cheap hotel instituitiona crap we would normally get. In Sydney, sadly even the best service apartment doesnt come with all that especially the changing and cleaning. Any change in towels will require additional charges each item etc and sorry, no washer. And the Meriton one I stayed in at Bondi, I even have to throw all the garbage away and wash all the cups myself otherwise I will be fined A$100 for them to clean it up. In chinese saying "So money face!" Crazy right?

I was testing my camera and took a few shots of my now messy "room".


Gary said...

If you like boutique hotels as Jia, I encourage you try The Luxe Manor ( next time if you like to explore the Kowloon beauty when you visit HK again. Cheers, Kevin

"me-no-mad" said...

ooooh! Thanks for the tip gary! I will certainly looked into it and thanks for the link!