Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fantastic dinner @ The 3 Weeds Restaurant

Had dinner at The restaurent at 3 weeds Hotel. OMG, dinner was really really fantastic!! One of the great ones I have had in Sydney for a while and strongly recommend for any sydneysiders or people in town with days to spare. This is one of the few restaurants that deserved the chef hat. I was so busy chatting and eating that I forgot to grab pictures until it was dessert time....

For entree, I had the pork belly with cider and apple and it was wonderfully done. The top skin was crispy and meat tender. Unlike the pork belly I had in canberra which was reeking horribly with salt, what I had tonight was tasty, and the natural meat sweetnes was enhanced somehow throught the cooking.

For the main, I had the special for the night which was Pan fried Barrumundi served with red cabbage in red wine jus. Oh wow! I normally do not like specials for the night but I was completely impressed and so was steve who had the same main as I did. The skin was perfectly crispy and meat cooked to perfection. The red cabbage was fantastic and has a twang to it that complimented the fish sooooooo well! There was no room to find fault with!

My companions had the scallops for entree which also looked divine and the blue eye fillet was also beautifully done.

As for dessert, it was a perfect round up to the night. Steve and I again had the flourless choc oudding served with chestnut icecream. While the icecream was average, but the choc pud was divine especially for any choc fan addict. It has the soft lava center and served delightfully warm with a light fluffy top. The mergine too was nice but a little bit creamy and rich if you are already too full.

All in all a perfect night, with a wonderful white french wine recommendation that went very well with our meal with its fruit aroma and clean finish. I couldnt ask for a more perfect dinner even though its without a view. However who cares when u have great company for the night, not to mention polite, prompt and non instrusive serving staff!

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