Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dinner at Cin Cin (Vancouver)

First night in Vancouver and we decided to head to this highly rated Italian restaurant "Cin Cin" down in Robson street. It does not disappoint. Truth be told, I was having jetlag and wasnt expecting any meal to entice me.Looked like hell, felt like sh*t but turned out dinner location was a good choice to up the bets.

I think the greatest surprise was the size of huge scallops served here. Of course it isnt cheap but what the hell, I'm having hols and every bite of the sweet meat is worth its penny! And the lobster linguini...oh sweet lobster.. absolute freshness. It wasnt miserable few pieces one usually gotten use to (in asia especially), they served you proper portion here as one rightfully expect. It was a sign of good meals to come in vancouver....

The rum and raisin icecream also caught me offguard since it normally is not my usual "cup of tea". Its plesantly great here. No words to describe further, one just have to taste it.

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