Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sydney crap service

Christ! Today is packing day for the move and there is sooo much to bitch about. Australia is seriously a crap country for service across any industry. It is seriously fuck up. They charge you an arm and legs and make you pay through the nose for the crappest shittiest worse service I have ever seen. If you think China service is bad, welcome to Sydney.

Imagine paying premium price for Crown and guess how many people came to pack?
ONE. ONE single young chap who had to pack my whole 2000ft apartment. If I had not helped to pack, startin from from 9am till 6pm. That chap would NEVER be able to leave by 7pm. I bet my ass that by 6pm he would still be packing! I packed the whole toilet, 3 bedroom and half a kitchen and all the glass ornaments. I was so afriad he will wreak my precious cargo. The thing that piss me off was there couldnt even deliver free boxes to my place. They expect me to pay $45 for courrier for the boxes delivered. crazy. No fking way. So I just have to rough it out today and my back is break and feet hurting from standing on my feet almost 2 long days....

I didnt even dare to see how he packed my plasma. In HK santa fe, they had 2 people with a dedicated box crate to contain the screen. Today, I think he just wrap it in some international wrap before crate. I asked him about it and he said he had marked to be crated. I cannot imagine how a single guy managed to wrap and move the plasma TV all on his own. I am crossing my fingers and toes it stays alright......

Anycase, I have all given up expecting any decent service from this land of colour and gold. At least I hope and pray back in HK i will be getting back my decent quality standard. I think and hope it will be a long while before i have to return to this very very expensive country where service is almost non existence.

And all they rem was to keep chasing me to pay when my goods are not even loaded into container. They havent even given me my tracking ID, they havent even given me answers to all the queries I had asked for the last week.

Oh well, too late to worry and I can only hope everythin fits into the container. Wish me luck....

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