Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finally, Out and In again.

After much grief and fatigue, by friday eve, all the nitemare was almost over and behind us with the major relocation. Of course it has to rain on the day we were moving our furniture into the truck. No surprise. It always had to rain on the day I moved in and out of Sydney. I'm pretty sure the mood is mutual....

We couldnt fit everything into one container and so my study table had to come in another shipment. The only reason is that the lazy movers didnt bother to disassemble the stands and so it was sticking out. Then again, the moves didnt even bring their OWN tools and used ours! How slack is that?! Like i said, service in Sydney is virtually non existent when it comes to the crunch.

We stayed at Meriton Bondi the last 2 nites in sydney and I did a little shopping to grab a couple of flannel PJ and finally finished up my Meyers gift card. Also met up with stan for a late lunch and chats (more than sharing my gripes). He too was getting sick of oz and looking forward to heading back to sg but he had to rough t out another year due to work. He also complained about the ridiculous high pricing of everything and especially lousy jackets that is as expensive as A$150-200 that wont even keep you warm! He was certainly looking fwd to visiting me in HK later and get back to serious shopping.

On sat morn, we headed to Luxe, the BEST cafe in Bondi junction (and i reckon the eastern suburb too). I love this cafe because of its poached chicken sandwich which is an absolute delight. Evryone i brought here loved it. The serving has shrunk a little and it isnt cheap but at least this little haven has very good staff and very polite and sweet. They are a cool bunch too and they trust you to come pay after your meal even though the tables are out of their sight. Anyone who thinks of cheating them of a meal will be in my opinion complete assholes. It's small niches like this that made me forget how horrendous the rest of the country can get when it comes to big corporate led services.

We had a noon flight and I was crossing my fingers they wont charge us for overweight cargo. We had a 30kg limit each and I was pretty sure we exceeded that. Luckily for us (for once everything was going smoothly that morning without a hitch), we had a lovely chinese girl at the cathay check in counter and she didnt even blinked when we both had about 40kg each. My husband causually explained that we are shifting home and she went "Oh that explains the heavy lugguage" and she didnt try to charge us. Phew! We assume it wasnt a full flight, early check in and flying business had some contributing factors to it...

I liked the cathay new business class because it offers lots of privacy. Depending on which plane u are on, the one i had which offered only 3 rows of business seats, take the window K row. People seated at the A and D will be staring at each other's feet but K row was facing the back panel of the seat infront. I love the cathay inflight TV. It's huge and non reflective. Its like having a large laptop screen before you, I loved it. Not to mention the small quilt blanket... nice. After u get use to the idea of high panel, you will love the quiet cornering high panel like your own office cubicle. But i think the seat is not meant for big people because it felt just nice for me and I have a small frame....I havent try the A380 business so no comparison yet.

Fortunately, there was no storm when we landed in HK last night. Everything about the flight was smooth although the flight was still showing JUNE TV program which I had already saw everything on my last flight. They announced that they did not have time to load the program. I wonder which airport was slack about that. It is the 5th of July and they still havent load the new shows. Damn. So i missed the movie 21 and flawless on flight.

After having landed to getting to our pre booked car, my husband commented "You wont get this sort of service in Sydney" as the guy took over pushing the FREE trolley lugguage service with a smile. I looked at my husband and said "Are you crazy? This would never happen in Sydney airport." So back to good old Asian service. It's not perfect, but sorry to say, it is at least a thousand times better. I am now crossing my fingers with the crown service in HK.

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