Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Finally watched "Wanted"

Did I happen to mention I caught the movie "Wanted" on Sunday night?

It was one movie I was highly anticipating, primarily because of A.Jolie. In summary, the movie was good although I have to say if you have seen both the trailers, then you probably have seen about most of the action pack that comes with the actual movie.

There is nothing surprising in the movie. There wasnt much surprise element as far as I am concern but I do like the effects. The Russian directo style in this movie is very similar to the other vampire film "Daywatch", except that it is better executed and the storyline slightly better. At least this movie didnt leave wondering what the hell just happen. Most things were accounted for except a few weak glaringly missing gaps which I wont spoil it for those who are waiting for the movie to screen.

Much to my disappointment, A.Jolie role was smaller than I had expected. I wished the ending was a little bit different but oh well. At least I do not think there will be a sequel, will be pretty hard sell to try a sequel for this based on how it ended.

The show mainly revolved around the character Wesley played by actor James McAvory and A.jolie and Morgan Freeman played his mentor... The show had some tickling point that brought couple of smiles to my face but mostly it was suppose to be action thriller. I like some of the effects but I cannot say I was WOW by it. But i love one scene when A.jolie was watching James leaving the training ground and she had those cute smile which both my husband and I laughed over it. She looked adorable there. I know, hard to imagine sexy her having a cute smile but she did. Also, they tried to reprised 30sec version of her naked back walking away from the bath water here, similar to the animated flick she did earlier as the half monster with a tail. (I cannot remember the title).

I was hoping for sme innovation here in this movie but sorely missing. I feel that the director is trying too much to impress with the graphics effects copying the success of Matrix but somehow it doesnt quite meet the mark as far as I can tell. But hey, that's just me.

Its still a good entertaining flick no matter. I would rate it 6.5/10 for entertainment value.

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