Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Farewell Lunch

Met some friends at "The loft" at King's Wharf for late lunch last friday. We had spectacular view and so we "basked" in the sun sitting in the large sofa outdoor. It was a beautiful day as well. I am so going to miss this clear blue sunny sky once I head to live in HK. Back to grey gloomy days, not to mention bloody rain storms this year now.

The Loft had beautiful and very pretty interior decor. It's hip and funky and I heard the place is often booked out and full at night for drinks. The stretch of outdoor is also lined with comfy large sofas as well. Perfect for chilling out with friends at night.

Since its a wine place, I wasnt expecting great food but surprise surprise, my meal tasted better than I had thought, and even better than most of the "upmarketish" restauarants surrounding the darling harbour.

I had the panfried atlantic salmon while my gf had the fish and chips. We decided to share the salt and pepper szechuan squid. I really like the squid as it was a good chucky piece and was a tinge spicy to boot which goes fantastically with wine.

We hung out for about 2 hours since the whole place was pretty quiet at noon, before heading to Lindtt cafe (again) at darling harbour to meet another Jap friend Rei who was leaving for Japan on Sunday.
By 6pm, I was completely stuffed from food and dessert and hot chocloate. Well I figured I might as well enjoy every drop since I am not getting any once I am in HK....Yeah, I think I was pretty satisfied by night fall..... :P

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