Monday, July 28, 2008

Great wedding day

Have been trying to take it easy on this trip back but still have a lot of catching up to do. Instead of Dinner, most days I am only meeting people for lunch so that I can have a good rest at night. 

Old age is catching up.... late nights are simply out of the question now....

Had a super enjoyable Sat on E's wedding. It was singularly the easiest, and most "profitable" Jie mei session I have ever done! Of course I didnt do it for the money and was thankful that I had prepared a big red packet for the lunch reception. Otherwise, I would have have ended up earning more money than the couple instead!

The big day was easy breezy and we had a blast. It was so funny when the groom walked to the gate and gave us Jie Mei the red packet before we even opened our mouth to start the game! It was hilarious because he totally had us stumped and speechless. We looked at each other for a split second not knowing how to proceed next. We had a long history of bantering with groom and his best men gang, but never such an excited groom who is so eager to stuff money over. Haaa haaa. The best part was when he started his singing hokkien song. He had the whole house laughing so hard!

The fun didnt end till 6pm. I was dead beat but I thoroughly enjoyed the moment. It was so funny when the groom and I started recalling the old times when we all hung out together. Its amazing how 17years of friendship goes by with my and my gf, and 6 years with the groom and I. It was a lovely day and I am glad I was part of this beautiful union.

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