Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A muddled headed me

What happened when you keep jumping on and off planes for the month. You get confused.

I lost a day coming back from Vancouver to HK. And immediately the next morning I had to jump on another plane to return to Singapore.

At the HK airport, groggily I stood in line at the cathay pacific check in and started to load my luaggae onto the conveyor weight for check in. I passed my passport to the staff and told her I was heading to Singapore. I noticed there was no one else in the queue which was a little strange. Then she asked me for the departure time and gave me a puzzled look after my reply. She told me they didnt have a flight at that time. I paused and realisation hit me. I was standing in line for the wrong airline! I was supposed to be at Singapore airlines! So i unload my bag and made a dash for the other counters. When I saw the crowd, I knew I couldnt be wrong this time!

After passing through the immigration, I was still thinking about heading to the lounge. Then I stood there and flip through wondering why there wasnt a lounge pass. 30secs lapsed before I realised again I was flying with SQ and I only had lounge pass with Cathay. I smacked my head.

Moral of the story.
Sleep deprevation and jetlag are both lethal combination.

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