Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happening night life, what night life?

Did I just read MOS in Singapore has closed? How sad. It's something about Singapore that social night life just doesnt cut it.

The people who have time are students who really shouldnt be boozing and dancing so much. The people who have money are professionals who either didnt have time, too tired or too goody two shoes to stay out late. Oh, not to mention the sg men get lazier and fatter with age and all they want is their good old late night Tehtarik or Kopi, or too busy helping to change diapers and feeding milk bottles.

A non SG friend recently asked me where is "happening" in Singapore. I paused - blank for the longest time. I blinked. I had a few thoughtful gulps of water. I racked my brain the hardest. Ransacked my memory bank. Thumbed through all the possible estates and venues. Came up with an answer "I have no idea. Been away too long."

Truth is, it has nothing to do with how long I have been away. And i was too embarrased to tell her there is NONE. No happening place. Food places aplenty. To have wild fun, errrr.... wrong city dude. There just isnt anything that can sustain the unusual non party city lifestyle of Singaporean.

Have u ever witness those rare crazy wild moments at Dragon-i in HK - where models looking babes in heels letting their hair loose on the sofa and throngs of men and women just walk in and out dancing as if they are on air. How many years and LKF is still standing there. Hold the dissection on the nationality and demographics first, fact is, HK will always beat us hands down in the social vibrant night clubbing life. Singapore cannot even come close even if we try.

Not convinced? Well, I guess you havent even read the papers on the Singapore F1 night race celebration party flop yet.


littlecartnoodles said...

But another way to look at this is, after so many years, HK still only has LKF/Soho, while in Singapore more and more dining and entertainment enclaves have sprung up over the past few years, like Rochester Park, Robertson Quay, the revamped Clarke Quay, Dempsey Road, Keppel Bay, St James etc.

Maybe the problem is that they are too spread out and hence there is not enough critical mass for the businesses to generate enough profits. Like much of HK, LKF/Soho is such a convenient destination as one can have a nice dinner on Elgin/Staunton and then walk 5mins to a bustling bar or club. In SG, unlike you drive (which means you can't drink) you'll have to deal with the disappearing cabbies.

Zouk seems to be doing well though.

"me-no-mad" said...

yeah problem is with these places, many doesnt last in singapore. it doesnt matter if it is ONLY LKF/ soho. Quantity isnt the deal, it is the fact that there is a consistent spot that everyone knows where to go.

Yeah i get you that we have new places like rochestor. problem is making them last. I went to rochestor on my recent trip back and in the restaurant for brunch, except myself, 99% of the patrons are all EXPATS. so what happens when expats leave? places close down.

St James? i heard its not doing that great.

Clarke quay? I went there, already a couple of places have changed hands and one was completely closed down and emptied. is that a sign of things to come? I went to take my pick on a fri and some drinking spots are completely empty...
with this recession inplace, i expect more to close.

zouk? it should be good, its a varsity tertiary student hang out place. i feeel too old to be there.

Agree, many sg drinking spots require a car to get to. it annoys me alot with that. unlike HK where train and minibuses is the main vein to get to places even at midnight.

Cab in sg is horrible. I have 2 bad experience in my last trip and i really want to swear off them. They are so ridiculous expensive that I almost want to jump off the cab and walk if walking is possible in tunnel. Unexplainable jams and bad road conditions annoys me.

i better stop before i start thinking that i have major complaint problem...