Friday, October 3, 2008

A walking dirtbag

A little more excitement today.

I headed to the Wellcome Mega store in causewaybay today to grab some stuff so that I can utilise the shopping voucher.

As I went in, it may sound incredulous but I really had this intuition that someone was following me. I scanned my surrounding. I made eye contact with this guy in red trip polo shirt plus in jeans, and was hugging his black prada bag. He turned away and walk off when i looked at him so I didnt think much of it.

However what got me suspicious when i seem to "see" him at every corner. Like at the beansprout area, the prawns area, the condiments area and finally at detergent area. COme on, spotting teh same person 4 times in a relatively spacious suerpmarket is too coincidental.
Plus he always hurried away or pretend to browse when he realised that I had notice him. So my system went into red alert and wary of this "ratty face" sh*T. The first thing in my head was a stalker. Definitely not those admiring sort since for one i am no beauty and secondly, I was wearing my crappy t-shirt bermuda combi.

As I turn to grab my magic clean duster, I saw the guy went to the row behind mine. I quickly made a dash to the cashier and as I turn around, there he was again! That guy in red. He had rushed to Q behind me. This is nothing coincidental and I know my gut instinct is on cue. I turned and he kept a distance like he was almost in but not really in the Q. What makes me more cautious was that he was so stupid not to even have anything in his hand to pay for anything.

So instead of ignoring him, i stood facing him instead and stared straight in his face. He seemed to be a little nervous and kept figeting and looking everywhere but me. As he saw me reach my hand into my bag and whip out my phone as i stared fiercely at him. I was going to use my camera phone at him and then make a call. The red dirt bag must have sense something and decide to make a run for it. Not sure if he was trying to pickpocket me or stalk me or what. However he picked the wrong woman to mess with.

I scanned around for security guard and NONE was available. oh well.he sure disappear fast.
He is lucky I do not have an umbrella or I would have poke him to death. I stood around the entrance for a few minutes and scan the area to make sure the red monster was not following me anymore. I think he knew his cover is blown so he prob would not attempt in following me again.

Ladies, always be very careful and sensitive to your surroundings. This world is full of creepy shit jerks that are up to no good. And this guy is either an amateur at pickpocketing i think. Why he would wear a screaming red engine bright red shirt when committing a crime says alot of his IQ. I would have gone for something low profile like whiteshirt. Well, he is both a dirtbag and a moron as far as i am concerned....


BarryO said...

I have an alibi. :-)

Good that you had your wits about you, still must have been a bit of a panicky time. Whats legal here to keep in your bag for protection, tazer, pepper spray, machete?

"me-no-mad" said...

ha ha. I am hoping u do not look shifty and ratty as that dirtbag!

true, had a strange momentarily light headed feeling when the sensory alerts went on and i wondered what was best course of action. Rather than robbed....I was more worried that he is some disillusioned jilted guy with some hidden chlorine or machete in his bag and mistaking me for his lookalike gf or something in his moments of overwhleming sadness...

yeah pepper spray would have been good. Then having a go and a good kick and repeated stamping on his balls would really be a worthy act I relish. Oh i didnt mention i was violent too? ha!