Monday, October 27, 2008

A shared sentiment....on a certain band of "FT"...

Someone dropped a comment in my post about my gripe with std charter customer service and I really felt like sharing here what was said than it being slipped under the radar. So I am reposting it as below. I guess this resentment of the country being overtaken by china nationals is taking root and very real, and a common shared sentiments. Does anyone UP THERE recognise this problem and gripes??

Comment Repost:
"This is not only in Std Chart but nation wide! They are cheaper to employ as compared to locals who can speak simple good English. Like many S'poreans, I've lived abroad. What I find most disappointing is that why are we speaking so much of Mandarin among local Chinese here in Singapore? What happened to our dialects??? In NZ, for example, there's a high inflax of Chinese Nationals. They don't speak Mandarin to other fellow Chinese whether they are from China, Malaysia or even Singapore. They speak English to them. Even among themselves, u can hear them speaking Cantonese. Not a word of Mandarin. I was surprised when I hear them speaking Cantonese to their co-workers and children. They are NOT from HK but mainland China!

My point is when u go to another country, u follow their ways or u go back to your own country. Yet, u still find many wants to go to those countries. Even in HK, these mainland Chinese speak Cantonese. Only a handful speaks Mandarin when they go over. But over here, WE are following THEIR way and what THEY speak. And now most of the jobs that can be handled by locals are also taken away by them. Some of these young FTs are given PRs and I start asking myself how come? Is there something wrong with our education system or employment requirements?

U know most of these Chinese FTs and even workers CAN SPEAK simple understandable English. They just REFUSED to speak so they pretended not to understand. I've encountered many in my short two weeks of part time work here after having applying for jobs since March this year. When they hear the way I speak, they quickly reply me in English and I'm a native Singapore-born Peranakan Chinese. I'm no different front any native S'pore-born Chinese. Some local Chinese feel that as Chinese we should speak Mandarin but they've forgotten that this is a multi-racial country from before and our administrative language IS English and not Mandarin for the Chinese and English for the other races. Anyway, our national language is also NOT Mandarin either. It is Malay. Also Mandarin s the administrative language in China. AT home the families still speak their own dialects. Wake up native Singaporean Chinese.

Already many of our kids are behaving like some of them,talking at the top of their voices and spitting in public places. In time, our young one will adopt their inconsiderate behaviours and don't give a damn to everything. Have u seen how the young Chinese girls dress? I'm not into fashion but lately, I see many young Chinese nationals wearing short skirts and sneakers but they will also wear a black knee length stockings!! Those are meant to be worn when a lady puts on trousers and not skirts. My, they look SO WEIRD.
Sad. I feel like I'm living in China here. Gone were the days where Singapore is a country where people dress and behaves professionally. Listen to the younger generation of Singaporeans speak English and u'll be sad to hear the way they speak. No wonder most tourists can hardly understand what they say.

I too don't understand how come most CSO (Customer Svc Officers) are non-locals? It's also hard to understand those with strong Filipino accent. Of course I don't expect to speak Singlish (that's bad too) - just simple good and clear English. But at least they are better than those who refused to speak English.

Looks like those of us who have kids, in primary schools now, may have to look for a job overseas when they grow up. Doubt most of them can find work here that can help them survive cause we've been invaded by them as they produce here."

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