Friday, October 24, 2008

Something good, something bad to remember

Went back to sg to attend a girlfriend's wedding and ended up celebrating another ex-colleagues ROM as well. Everything is just so coincidental and predestined. In anycase, both joyous occasion went well.

Was given the honor to give a short speech in my gf's wedding and the fact that she is so spectacularly wonderful and almost perfect, the groom's friend Ian and I decided to collaborate and "sabo" the groom instead. We met about an hour before the wedding and had a ball poking fun at the groom and dishing out "dirt". The groom was a good spot though he "pout" and complained I made him look like a "lecherous" bf/husband now amongst his friends... I laughed and told him to direct his complaint to Ian since it was his friend who instigated and gave the green light to go ahead with the content.

Anycase, it was a good night to catch up with some old friends which I didnt have time to meet individually. Then again such is life when children starts coming into the picture. Your time is no longer yours alone, at least not for the first 5 years I suppose. It's understandable.

So its a rare treat to be able to see everyone in the dinner, though as usual, one particular person - Mr No-Personality remained persistently annoying with his insensitive and blunt manner. Considering that I have to give face to my gf everytime, I have learnt to bite my tongue and refrain from insulting him. He is so crude that it sickens at the thought of having to bear with him. I'm not sure if he has a bone to pick with me because he thinks he is better than me or what, or he is just so blatantly stupid about his mannerism. It was evident that I deliberately ignored his rude comment but did he think I was deaf to repeat it a few times?

Firstly I didnt expect him to be there since he was suppose to be on a business trip the next day. Lousy excuse as far as some of us are concern but really, it suited us better since he wasnt exactly Mr Popular.

We gathered at the sofa seat to chat but worried about my husband oversleeping due to jetlag from his biz trip, I told the girls that I would head up to wake my husband up after the solemnisation but the room key got demagnetised when my mobile rang, so I had to go all the way down to lobby to reactivate my room card.

As I step out of the lift, I saw Mr No-Personality. Out of usual politeness and courtesy, I said hi to him and said his wife and everyone else is on 2nd floor. He couldnt even muster a polite thank you and went into the lift. SO be it. I went to get my room card activated and went up to get my husband ready for the wedding dinner while I said I would join my friends for a little more catch up. I grab a paper with the speech draft which Ian and I had gone thru earlier.

When I returned to the group, Mr No Personality was there and the first thing he had to do was to insult me. He didnt know shit and just assumed alot of things. His big trap insulted me in front of everyone. Basically his gist was it wasnt my wedding so why was i so busy "running" around, which i wasnt in the first place. The bird brain couldnt comprehend why I was down at the lobby because cheapo like him doesnt get it that I was staying in the hotel. And just because he saw me stepping out of the lobby lift and holding on to my speech draft, and that is considered as KPO? Hello asshole, be glad I didnt call you cheap skate for not attending the wedding because you didnt want to give an extra ang pao money. Yeah this is the same guy who didnt have the decency to wish me Happy Chinese New year during gathering, but to demand for a red packet for his daughter as his first "greeting".

I held my breath and walked past him, just smiling at my ex-boss striking up conversation. Mr No-personality just have to ask another time saying alot of stupid things. If I am not imagining it, there was like 30secs silence. I'm not sure what the others think but at that instant, I didnt think it would be a pretty sight for me to insult him back in front of his wife and daughter. Anycase, I choose to ignore him and chatting with people around me. I am determined not to let pathetic loser like him ruined my happy night for me at my good friend's wedding or for the bride to find out about some inane squabble. I was so engrossed chatting that I didnt even realised his wife dragged him away to buy some bread for his daughter. I think his wife my friend isnt that stupid to know he has offended me.

It's not easy when the annoying person is your friend's spouse. He still hasnt realise that all these times I am giving my fren's face and not retaliating because I treasure our friendship. However, honestly, I think it has come to a situation where the straw has broke the camel's back. I think I would rather lose a friend than be continuously insulted - simply because I think the saddest thing is that my friend didnt even bother to apologise to me after he left. If she didnt think what her husband said was insulting, she has to pretty dense. It makes me ponder how much she value me as a friend. I am beginning to think I am just someone part of her life because we happened to work together for several years and now we have gone separate ways, our life with unravels on 2 separate paths.

I told my husband about the incident after the whole dinner. He was quite annoyed with Mr No Personality as well and consoled me that some people simply have no tact. He didnt appreciate the fact that someone insulted his wife for no reason either. We left the incident behind and went about to enjoy the remaining of the sg trip especially when it was his birthday the immediate day.
Despite letting the incident lapse, however, I still need to jot this down since it did happen. I didnt have to write word for word what he said because it is no longer important, but I am no punching bag to keep dropping it every time.
I really do not want to spend anymore time brooding about it. In life, some friends in life are to stay, some aint. simple facts. I'm just glad that at least I have pictures of good memories without Mr No-Personality to ruin the shot...

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