Friday, October 31, 2008

Promotional price = Cheaper price? Not necessarily...

Hmmm... did someone at Park and Shop back office forget to do their Maths?

Went shopping for Watson Bottled water today.
The tag of one 4.5L bottle is priced at HK$17.90. I went about asking for stock on 3 boxes of 4 bottles. That was when my discovery got alittle interesting...

A carton of 4 bottles cost HK$80. Now even at a glance one would know it is more expensive per bottle for the same item. I asked the staff and he stared at me saying its the same price. When I did the Maths for him and convinced him that $20 is not less than $17.90, he grinned sheepishly and inform me to locate the cashier instead.

So I went about doing the rest of my shopping and then took a bottle of water to the cashier. I asked her if the price is indeed $17.90 (original price $18.90). She said yes. I asked her how come the carton of 4 is more expensive. She told me it is impossible. Cartons are always cheaper. So she hopped over with me to check the BIG YELLOW DISCOUNT POSTER and there it was staring back at her - 4 bottles for HK$80. The cashier was alittle speechless and she didnt know why either. So in the end, she agreed with me on the price discrepancy and to scan the price of one bottle, mulitplied by 12 bottles instead.

I am sharing this little short story so that....The next time u think u are getting a promotional discount, look again at the unit cost of one. You might actually be paying MORE than u bargain for.... (not to mention sometimes a misleading "buy 2 at promotional price" has no savings either but merely multiplying the cost of one item by 2 at some places.)

Quote of the Day:
"The truth is more important than the facts."
- Frank Lloyd Wright (1868-1959)

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