Thursday, October 23, 2008

rambling upon return

Finally am back in town...How i miss my own bed...

So much to write, so little time and energy, so much other things to do. crap.

HK is still so hot. Strange considering it had cooled down quite a bit before i left.
I thought Fall's temperature should set in by now but I guess it's still "early" with all the climate change.

Saw a few new comments on my old post on standard chartered bad customer service.
Have to find time to add followup story and further comments to it. I couldnt agree more with the new input. I think the topic deserve another post on its on...

Coming back from Singapore gave me an added "thoughts". I didnt miss it as much as I thought I would. And strangely, I forgot how much earlier Singapore restaurants closed compared to HK. I promised to update about the restaurants I visited and there is indeed much to say... later

I went back to a stack of old mails. Out of each, an interesting govt letter.
It was an invitation for me to register my name back into th electoral roll. My name had been taken out previously because I was working overseas and so I didnt bother to head back to vote. It isnt my fault. I checked with the consular and they said I couldnt vote because my overseas address wasnt registered with them yet. Well too bad..... Now that I have forgotten all about my "sacred" voting rights, I receive a letter to get me to reregister. I was amused really.

oh alright. I guess I should.
Afterall according to the paper's statistics, there are only about 60-65% sg citizens that are BORN and BRED in singapore. They will need every vote they get, including the very people like us where our parents were fined and penalised for not heeding the govt's campaign to stop birth at two. Imagine, that percentage could possibly be down to 40% if our parents had actually believed every govt campaign that was drummed out in the 70's.

Hey, since everyone is in such a giving mood and that they are paying back some money to some ignorant investors for the failed bonds, how about paying back the UNFAIR PENALTY to our parents for going ahead with the 3rd and 4th child??? I think for the fact that we are contributing to the taxes, paying back the penalty makes more sense than for bad judgement in investment....

I am rambling.... I better stop here for now.

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