Saturday, October 25, 2008

Music: Club 8 - The boy who couldnt stop dreaming

Was walking around causeway bay for lunch and I chanced upon this store on the 2nd level opposite Lee Garden. It's called "Homeless" and its one of those speciality stores that sells uncommon or uniquely designed homeware like clocks, lamps, home accessories etc.

The store isnt big but they carried quite a few interesting pieces. Its funny how it takes me 3 rounds walking in the store to cover every piece they have. A medium size table clock caught my eye and so I bought it for HK$298 for the master room. I know I shouldnt splurge but I like those old bell ringing clock. Its a reminder of good old days.

As I was poking around the store, I kinda drifted into a dreamy state by the song they were playing. I have this habit of buying music cds not in a cd store, but rather when I am strolling and music. So some tune catches my ear, I would step into the store to ask for the cd, or look at the cover if i couldnt lay my hands on it there and then. It's more fun buying music cd this way, because there is an attached memory to it, plus it provides a wider exposure to songs u may never pick out as they are sandwiched and stacked in rows in a store.

So today, I chanced by this group "Club 8" with their album "The boy who couldnt stop dreaming" (2007).

Club 8 was formed in 1995 by Karolina Komstedt (from the band Poprace) and Johan AngergĂ„rd (Acid House Kings, Poprace). »The boy who couldn’t stop dreaming« released in 2007 is Club 8s most profound to date, twelve songs balancing perfectly between sunshine and melancholia..

In general, the tracks put u in a pretty relaxed dreamy state. I couldnt place a finger if its kinda bossa nova or indie or loungy...I just like the vibes and good feelings welling in me with some of the tracks and so i got it. The female lead singer kinda reminds of the singer from "Late night Alumni" but in a different style.

So if you are in a mood of relaxing ambience, you should most certaintly check this album out. Here's a sample of my favs.

Download Track 1
Download track 5
Download track 11

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