Friday, October 24, 2008

Singapore cab fares are pirate fare

Anycase, my husband birthday dinner surprise was a surprise in itself. The cab driver ripped us off and didnt even deliver us close to the venue despite my best efforts in giving him the address and a printed PICTURE map with road names and building names. The whole incident left a bad taste in my mouth. How big can singapore be that the driver doesnt even know where he is going. Plus the restuarant was at fort canning, he is telling me he didnt even know how to get there?! Then go be a bloody bus driver instead please!

Worse of all, from intercon-hotel to the venue should be a 5-10mins drive but obviously the very lousy cab driver dropped us off a completely wrong venue. In addition i have to pay a fucking $10 for a wrong ride! $4.5 for meter, $3 for city pick up, $2.5 for 35% peak hour surcharge, erp and dunno what other shit charges. So in total, SINGAPORE CAB DRIVER ROB ME OF $10 and not even reaching the destination.

When i told the driver that he was on the wrong route, he actually did a Dangerous REVERSING ON THE MAIN ROAD IN CITY!!! There were cars behind him and had to swerve to the next lane! What an idiot!!! I had to yell at him to STOP doing what he was doing!!! I was so pissed and felt so endangered that I demanded to be let off the cab by the side even though it was not the destination. I RATHER WALK in my heels than risk dying with that errant cab driver!!!

Maybe I am too nice, I still threw the $10 for my fare before stomping off. At that moment, I really was evil enough that I actually wish he would crash his cab and lose his revenue for the next whole week while his cab is in service. Seriously, if he doesnt know where he is going, then dont tell me he know and didnt bother to check the street directory. Then again, he probably doesnt know how to read map since the one i printed and showed him didnt get me to the right place either.

I was fuming when he even dare to ask for fuel surcharge. Then he saw my face and let it go.

SINGAPORE CAB Companies are like robbers. When the petrol barrel price went up, they said they needed a "FLEXIBLE" fuel surcharge to offset the cost. Now the petrol prices has come down for SOME TIME now, yet the taxi companies still has yet to remove the fuel surcharge. Come on! Even airlines like SQ has LONG reduced the fuel tax! SO what makes singapore taxi so special that their fuel surcharge should continue?!

And peak surcharge, what a joke. In this recession climate, what peak hour? Everyone is tightening their belt now. I think taxi companies are just a greedy P&L bunch abusing the monopoly they have over us. And now they want to install cab camera to protect drivers? So what should I pay for my own safety camera surcharge too?? Yeah Pirates. Enjoy your own Comfort. I am sticking to my train and bus. When we left the restaurant, we persisted to walk to cityhall and take the train instead. We will not be taking anymore cabs for that night!


WhiteDuskRed said...

Drive in SG, cab around in HK, ride the train in Tokyo and a gondola in Venice. Can't be wrong~

littlecartnoodles said...

Brace yourself for more screwed up taxi drivers ... There's no doubt that driving a cab would be one of the top Plan B's for the thousands that will soon be laid off from their jobs.

"me-no-mad" said...

well, better to have local taxi drivers than china drivers...