Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another uninspiring day at work

Counting down to my deliverance... and yet when uninspired, 4 days seemed like 4 long years...

Woke up with a dull mood. The thought of heading to office is such a damper to the mood, not to mention the grey stormy sky did absolutely nothing to uplift my spirit. The only thing worthy of lightening the gloomy thoughts is my nice colleagues...

Of course, the office is abuzz when my bosses are back from Belgium work trip. Last week was glorious when he wasnt in office.

There are many types of bosses and we cannot be all lucky to have good competent bosses all the time. I had been lucky with my perm job. All my past bosses had been wise, competent, reasonable, appreciative and are all men of calibre, with visions to boot.

Today, my lack of imaginative-vision-direction boss again send me reeling in concealed disgust with his lack of mental capbility and micro-managing. I think he has a very clear idea of my unhesitant and "unrestrained" ability to rebuke back, so I have a very good sense that he didnt dare to raise his voice at me or roll his eyes. It's good when you have a clear position and no one can exploit your character weakness. If it was my other colleagues, he wont try to pass it off as a joke but would have been outright blant and rude.

So the conversation come to the critical point where he was either acting stupidly forgetful, or he is really uselessly forgetful. So stupid questions begets "stupid" answers. I didnt know what he hope to achieve asking me such inane questions. I didnt know if he is expecting me to be "softhearted" and reconsider his request to ask me to extend, or to volunteer ensuring the project will completed before I leave. Either way, its not gonna happen buddy. You hire a Fat "Ham"to create this mess, that piece of lard dun seem to be eager to jump in and volunteer for assistance huh. Plus didnt you two always say "there is a ready pool of CHEAP Asian workers Hungry and DYing for a job anytime?"Well go ahead and hire one. Dont wait on my account. Get one in tomorrow if you like!

Part 1

Boss: So you are working till end of the month right?
Me: No. The last day is 22nd.
Boss: You mean it isnt end of the month?
Me: No. It has never been end of the month.
Boss: So what happens at the end of the month?
Me: I dunno. It's up to you I guess at the end of the month.

(This is when the contract is before him, I had notified him the exact departure date on email 3 weeks ago, and another email -rejecting his extension request email one week ago...)

Boss: So who will take over at end of the month?
Me: Whoever you decide to take over end of the month.

Boss: So. What do we have left?
Me: I had sent you the revised caldendar project scope last week. You can refer to that.
Boss: So can we finish before you leave?
Me: Depends on how much revisions u keep making, and how quick you approve. We wont start programming till you agree, else its double wasted work again.

Boss: Ok. So we have a meeting with vendor next tuesday and we see how much more we need to do. Looks alot incompleted.
Me: Meeting ok. Actually its not true. In terms of layout, we have only the option event registration, media, latest news section left.

So I left him to his thoughts while I rushed off to work freaking overtime for 2 hours today to mail out his changes.

Part 2:

In between, my boss sent me an email.
(Background Info:
We had been discussin about the text layout on website. he wanted full justified but vendor and I are not for it. In fact, it is almost an anomaly to do that. Most major websites are left aligned. Anycase, we showed him a sample of full justifed (both left and right aligned). He said he will think about it.)

Boss text: I now know the terminology. It's call Fully justified.
My reply: Yes. We know what you mean. We are asking you for your decision to proceed with full justified, or left justified.
Boss: There are 4 types of terminology. Left justified, right justified, center justified, full justified.
My reply: Yes, without teh terminology, we already know what you are talking about. Didnt you see the mockup sample that we were discussiin half hour ago? (Insert the screen capture in email to remind him of his blatant stupidity). That is already full justified as you requested. What we are asking you is WHETHER that is your preference for the whole site so that we can start programming.

(In my head - you stupid idiot. We are not asking you what is it you want. After spending one hour discussion, with a visual before u, you still didn get it? You daft nitwit...)

End of text communication.

See the kind of dumbskull I have to deal with? Sometimes I really dont know what is in his head....
At times he flashes a moment of brillance, but most other times...he is as dim as a 1watt bulb.

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