Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Family Time

Back to the smothering heat of HK. Fortunately, the humidity wasnt as bad as I feared, still compared to Singapore, it's still much hotter and unbearable.

Thankfully for me, the weather was perfect the whole week I was there. While it rained during wee hours of the morning, the rest of the day were always pleasantly nice and cool indoors without A/c. It's nice to breathe in fresh air for a change.

I didnt do much this trip. Seriously, I really did nothing except to vegetate at home. Apart from taking my mum out for a wonderful massage at estheva spa @ Orchard Ion, and dining in at Thai Thai @ Mandarin Gallery, most of the week was spent indoor (in front of my MIO Tv) or by the pool.

I always said its nice to have elder brothers for silblings:) Because being the youngest sister, you always get doted on. Heee heee heee. *proud smirk* My eldest brother knowing my dependency on internet loan me his laptop and internet sim card so that I keep myself occupied and connected at all times, while my second brother has finally equipped his place with cable TV (after much bemoaning from his "spolit" little sister about how lame the local programmes were...) I thought it was really funny when my second brother was jokingly complaining to me that the laptop and internet connection was only for me and wasnt offered to him by my eldest brother. I love being indulged. haaaa haaa

Believe it or not, I did a TV marathon with my mum and bro. Apart from Fringe 2, Within 4 days, I covered 50 episodes of a Dialect Taiwanese family drama - 天下父母心。As typical long winded Taiwanese drama, the plot has its obvious flaws and ridiculous scene but it has a good story line. Of course I fast fwded most of the boring conversations (much to my mum's dismay since she didnt catch on as fast! haaa haaa) otherwise I would not be able to reach my 100 episodes! But Mio didnt have all the episodes so I'm still left dangling. It's good to watch the drama in hokkien dialect for a change just to refresh my own mother tongue. Some of the dry sacarstic verses were really good!! It was the first time I heard it and it simply was refreshing to hear new insults said in such "elegant manner"!

Other than that, went out with my friend who specially took the day off work to catch up with me. Went to eat Loy Kee chicken rice at balestier and frankly, another overpriced franchise with mediocre food. I should know better but personally, it still taste better than Boon Tong Kee Chicken rice. I think my foodcourt chicken rice at $6 was way much better than the one at Loy Kee with the miserly few pieces of chicken stacked on top of a pile of sliced cucumbers. Sneaky bastards.

On sat, I dated my whole family and headed to Carlton hotel for dim sum brunch at their chinese restaurant Wah Lok . Had originally booked min jiang at Goodwood park hotel but I was told by my food buddy that Wah Lok's dim sum was much better. Plus the dim sum buffet at Min Jiang was only available between 3-5pm.

The variety at wah lok wasnt wide but it was sufficient. The birdnest looing taro pieces were nicely done without coming off greasy and all the ingredients used were fresh and generous, esp the prawn dumplings and roll. We had the peking duck as well and I wished I rem to told the lady to slice some meat with it. The service were also warm and friendly, making the experience plesant. For people who drove, you could even redeem the parking coupons for the table which saves diner the hassle in terms of transportation parking.

The dessert borders on average for the mango-pomelo (楊枝金露)。It just cannot compare to the HK version no matter how they do it, simply because most fruits in Singapore sucks big time. Unlike Hk where seasonal fruits are always sweet, the fruits esp pomelo in this case is sour and tough instead of being succulent. In fact, I thought the mango pudding that my sister in law made for us was so much better. I told my elder brother that if she had added the coco de nato cubes, it would taste exactly like those pudding sold in a cup in NTUC supermarket. Of course my brother jokingly said it was too much "effort" for this "special order" but haaa haaaa, I am positive my doting sister in law would try it the next time. Hiak hiak hiak....

I had a good lot of lychee in Hk so I craved for some back in SG, but I didnt expect the ones in Singapore to taste so bland in comparison. Even the texture of the flesh was tougher and thicker for those sold in Singapore. My mum said it is because it was of different species but still, I cannot imagine why on earth for similar price, the taste can differ so vastly and more importantly, why couldnt singapore import the same ones as sold in HK? Immediately upon my return, I headed straight to the wet market today and grab myself two pounds of lychee to gorge myself silly.

Come to think of it, I ate quite a bit of junk food back home which I dont normally wolf down. I just had a craving for doughnuts since I am so deprived in HK, so I stuffed myself silly too with the Almond doughnuts from JCo.

All my friends in HK were more excited than me about my sg trip and they were mildly surprised that I did absolutely nothing. I just wanted to take a break from everything and idle back at home in the comfort of my brother's shelter. No stupid noisy neighbors upstairs (since we are already on the top floor), No drilling, No construction. Life was simple and good. With the Mio Tv thrown in, I was in my little own paradise!

And right now, i'm back to the life of housewife, doing what my mum was busy pampering me and grocery shopping....'s always nicer to be a daughter than wife! haaaa

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