Sunday, June 20, 2010

A leopard never chage its spots, so do Arseholes

Some people like the fat canadian twat, are the kind of areseholes in this world, who think they are more superior than everyone else and expects everyone else to hold the same notion as they themselves do.

After the last episode we had, we never bother to speak to each other nor cross words even as we share the same space in the same 400m2 nett walkable floor space. I pretty much ignored his existence while he tries to inject some disgusied sacarsm in his speech within earshot, but to his disappointment which everyone else ignored as well.

Anycase the story for today, is another case study on this twerp, which I have singlehandedly nicknamed him as Fat "Ham" and it easily stuck (since its in "honor" in part of his real name) as his alias in office now whenever someone else bitched about him.

What happens is that Fat "Ham" (prob after much persuasion from my doubleface boss) has been trying to worm his fatty ways into my colleagues heart by talking soooo gently to them. As my Hk colleague put it in HK "trying to repair his tarnished image, pretending to be such a good guy before us." Unfortunately, a fat rude guy will always be a fat rude guy no matter how much effort he puts into disgusing his true hideous nature.

As in the destined fate of all "evil people" in fairy tales, ther ugly selves will often reveal themselves soon enuff and they become public enemies pretty soon. Fat "Ham" had the strangest problem inflicted upon his email account. Apparently, the office email account created for him just doesnt work after a month. He couldnt send email and neither could he receive. Even forwarding to his gmail fails. Yet no one else in the office faces the same problem.

Fat "Ham" waltz into office one fine day, and poke around our server, I had my earphones on so i didnt hear what he had to say but my colleagues shared with me that Fat "Ham after much "inspection" declared to my boss that he saw an system error message on our domain server and he deduced that must be the cause of that affected his mailbox. A reboot of the server is a must but because he didnt want to "lose" any data so he wont reboot it himself but will leave it to our outsourced tech guy .

When I heard his declaration I wanted to laugh, laugh at this so call IT person who declare to be know it all in IT. Please...even though I may not be proficient in IT, I can surely bet that no system error message can be that specific that will only affect HIS email account alone. If it had been a mail server error, then logically, all domain functions will be affected and so will all mailboxes tied to that server. You think what, Microsoft is so intelligent to just screw your mailbox alone and then display an error just for you?

Anycase, my boss who knows next to nothing believed him. My colleague was tasked to call our IT tech guy. While she was talking to him, Fat "Ham" decided he wanted a piece of the action and asked my colleague to pass the phone to him as HE would speak to the tech guy directly since FAT HAM says he can speak the lingo.

The conversation went on for about 20 - 30mins. According to my colleague who witness the whole conversation, she told us that Fat "Ham" was back to his haughty, arrogant, nasty demanding rude mannerism. See, a leopard can never change his spot and truth will always surface. So whatever effort he tried to construct a good image was instantly destroyed in that single phone call, by himself singlehandedly as well. Goodie... :P

As my colleague put it, Fat "Ham" was showing off again trying to talk the tech guy down by saying "Do u know I know everything about IT, I RUN 2 IT companies and so let me tell you what to do. You should listen to me because I can solve this problem easily! blah blah blah" As per the incident he had with me, he just needed to put other people down to elevate himself and always come off as showy in trying to flatter his own ego.

Our IT guy is a very nice and gentle guy and prob due to typical HK upbringing, unlike me, he didnt bother to have an open clash with him that conversation. He gave Fat Ham whatever info he didnt since Fat Ham said he can solve the problem himself that nite.

The funniest part? The tech guy shared with us that after Fat Ham went all the trouble to "showcase" himself and "Sell" his own professional qualities, that very night, Fat Ham had the fat cheek to email our tech guy that he couldnt solve the problem and ask the tech guy to help resolve the email account problem. The tech guy then shared with us because he was soo pissed with Fat "Ham" haughty and insulting manners, and yet Fat ham still is in his mercy to solve the problem, the tech guy said he will simply drag the problem and not solve it just to spite the Fat "Ham". That is to teach him a lesson. We all laughed and gave the tech guy our support. Let fat "ham" stew. It's his retribution for not treating people like people but talk down to them like slaves! Of course, another incident to reveal Fat Ham's incompetence made us laugh even harder!

The best part of the whole incident was about Fat "Ham" being stupid. It was just something to prove I was right and I wasnt simply biased against him. The tech guy has been working with them since 2003. The office knows the sort of nice guy he is. For Fat "Ham" to piss the tech guy off, was a further validation to my assessment of him, and alienate him further. It only reaffirm my stand about him and make me glitter like a bright star. I didnt gloat about his plight since he is of no significance to me. It only worsen his standing amongst my peer without me lifting a single finger or adding any fuel to it.

I love seeing how stupid people often walk into their own grave foolishly wihout even realising the "grave" mistake (no pun intended!). What an joke right!

My boss is trying to squeeze every penny out of my last week but I am not working any extra because it just aint worth it. It goes against my personal principle "to do my best in everything within my ability" but scums like that, my principles had to take a vacation!

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