Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Fav Starbucks has closed

Mood: Still Grumpy

As the saying goes, it never rains but it pours...

Thinking I can cast work aside and just enjoy a good day today, to my fav starbucks next to my place closed down!!!! What the hell?! It was still open yesterday and gave no sign of closing down with its brisk business in the location! I was motified and didnt have an approperiate reaction staring at the closed shutters, and furniture hacked to pieces strewed within the unit. I felt a loss, a loss of comfort.

Suddenly, I felt like I was thrust into bright light, blinking away, desperately trying to think of a million reasons why. In its place, it shall be another new store, another H&M. Isnt there enough shopping places in causeway bay? Why remove a perfectly good resting spot where I can just grab a choc to go. No one makes hot choc like starbucks, well maybe Toms & Toms from Seoul. I headed reluntantly to Pacific coffee. My first hot cho was too rich and the second cup was too bland, after telling them to cut down on sweetness. I never, ever have to tell starbucks to moderate my hot choc.... Plus the service is so vastly difference.

Stepping into Starbucks is a delight most of the time. The staff are mostly chirpy, and friendly. Sometimes, their happiness even rubs off unknowingly. Stepping into Pacific coffee was a completely depressing experience. The staff doesnt smile, looks like she is in perpetual sleeping state, or just not in the mood to serve a smile. Their only concern was that it was job, and their job was only serve the beverages.

It's only Starbucks I know. However, the loss of a famililar anchor point depresses me. As if things havent suck enough already. To think the other day I was just telling my partner that I am contented just to have starbucks around our place. Now I have to walk that extra mile to Times Square...Did I curse it?



Winter said...


I had hoped to visit every Starbucks in the world, but I guess I'll never get to this one.

Which store was it? Is this South Korea? The actual names of the stores are listed here (just find the right country):

I feel your sadness. I'm also a little sad they have closed so many Starbucks, especially ones I have not yet visited.


"Just Me" said...

Hi Winter,

Its the storebucks located in Hong Kong, along Hysan street in Causway bay district.

Good to have someone share my sadness.... :)