Saturday, June 12, 2010

Paying through my nose for ironing board cover!

I didnt realise how good I had it in Singapore to be able to get everything from the supermarket or departmental stores, or just little mom & pop stores around the neighbourhood area..

Perhaps it is attributed to my "foreign-ness" that makes my hunting for stuff difficult. After 4 good years, the underlying sponge material for my ironing board finally distintegrated. I tried using a towel as a subsitute abeit a poor one since the ironing cover refused to cover over it snugly.

I walked all over CWB for 2 hours. It sounds impossible but I really had problem hunting down a suitable replacement. Finding a new ironing board is easy, but the material parts is hard work. Either they didnt have my ironing board size spanning 124cm long, or they have the really ugly cheap and nasty think sponge...

I was getting annoyed and half the verge of getting multiple cheap layers until it hit me how stupid I was. I should have checked out Sogo but it slipped my mind cleanly as I tend to steer clear of Sogo's crowded mob during weeekend.

Imagine my utter delight when I spotted some ironing board there and covers. Good on you Sogo! They have both the cheap and expensive version. Since I didnt want to make so many trips incase i got it wrong, I decided to get one of each. Would you believe it if I say 2 ironing cover with sponge ( 4mm and 2mm thickness respectively) came up to a whopping HK$700+ big bucks? As I pay for it in half disbelief....another half of me who is tired of walking around paid for the items gladly!!!

I would have thought stores like Japan Home would stock decent stuff but I guess not. Sogo, the always dependable last resort, please dont ever close down on me!!!


Anonymous said...

Another good place is Wing On.


"Just Me" said...

Yup! but I was too hot and tired to travel all the way to Wing On already.. Sheung wan sounded so far in in head after combing the whole causeway bay. If Wing on dun have it, I would have seriously screamed and murdered myself! :P