Thursday, June 10, 2010

new stores round the block

Having moved to Causeway bay, I have only just noticed 2 new stores I had not seen previously. One is the Yogo Frozen Yoghurt and another "Awlfully Chocolate."

Have to try out these 2 stores one of these days for those sugar fix.

Browse through the website for the choc cake and the one with 2 layers of fresh banana looks tempting.. Too bad they dun sell in slices but at least they sell scoops of icecream... I didnt even know they were in HK until i saw someone carrying their boxed cake with their logo on the plastic bag. So I got a little excited... has anyone else tried it before? Love to know your buds' review. (

As for yoghurt, my current fav remains as BerryGood in central near my workplace. Unfortunately there are limited fresh fruit toppings. I could only stick to strawberries since they do not have peach toppings.

There was another new outlet known as Smooch near the escalator opposite the old Central police station. Quite frankly, that one taste horrible. One would think its only yoghurt, how bad can it be? But trust me, the thing just taste funny. I have tried both the choc and natural flavour, nothing would make me buy another yoghurt from there anymore.

A new yoghurt store YoMama also just opened in Times Square basement inside city super. Havent tried that either.
It seemed to be another craze on the rise, this frozen yoghurt thingie. I have always loved frozen yoghurt since I was in highschool. Back in Singapore, they have this brand "I canx believe its yoghurt" and I love the peach and natural taste. They used to run a booming business but somehow over the last 2 decades, the stores seemed to have dwindled down to the only one I know of in Suntec city. Frankly, they still have the best frozen yoghurt I have tasted for the last 2 decades.

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