Thursday, June 10, 2010

I finally went up...

Last night, my partner and I finally had enough of the din created by people living upstars. So we went down to the lobby staff and invited them to be "witness" of the noise. Thankfully, the kids upstairs were making such noises that the guy had no choice but to go upstairs with me to have a chat with our neighbour.

As typical Hk people, she wanted to deny saying it was only for a "short few mins". I told her it isnt just today, and it certainly wasnt just few mins. Otherwise, the lobby guy would not have the opportunity to hear it. Then she tried to change her tune saying that her kids are both boys and she had also repeatedly told them not to make so much noise.

I felt like slapping her. Her kids are aged between 10-14yrs old, not little undeveloped toddlers that cannot listen to logic. If she had pulled her weight as a mother, rather than some proud motherhen blind to her kids' misbehaviour, I am certain things would not be so bad.

What made it worse was that (as I suspected) they had those cheap wooden floors. That made the whole sound coming through even worse because they are NOT solid wood so the insulation is crap with these chip nasty chipwood materials. HK should BAR people from installing cheap wooden floors because they have no sense of community spirit and could never learn to stay quiet.

I asked her if she had carpet and she said she cannot because her elder son has nose allergy. I felt like telling her that her son is thus doomed never to travel overseas or work in office, or stay in hotel then since everywhere of these places are all carpeted. Funny how their nose problem will magically disappear when they are having fun travelling overseas. Again, I hate parents who have 1000 "reasons" to valid their inconsideration.

Anycase, I wasnt up there to quarrel. I just wanted to reinforce the point that they were making noises. The first round, they denied making any noise. Now with a witness and no way out, she decided to admit "partial" guilt and tried to say all sort of excuses. She said the previous owner didnt complain but I shot back at her that the previous owners had 2 kids herself and she prob was use to the noise her kids made, plus her kids went overseas to study and no one was ever living in the 2 guest rooms under her boys. So how would they hear the noise?

Seriously, if people feedback to you about your noise, stop claiming ignorance. This is a very very very BAD TRAIT in HK people. One of the worst offenders - to deny all obligations and responsibilities because NOTHING is ever their fault. They never are willing to sit down and try to work a way out together, but first to jump to conclusions that people are finding fault with them. How stupid. Like I have nothing better to do than find problems with neighbours upstairs.

Anycase, she said she will try and for that one night only, she did. I didnt hear much noise after that. This morn is another matter but I shall leave the fight for another day.

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