Thursday, June 10, 2010

Getting rid of unsolicited spam faxes!

Have always hated the spam calls on my land lines, esp those fax spams. For the whole past 18months, I had suffered from getting spam advertisment calls through my land lines, waking us up in the middle of the night. Mental torture. I had called up my PCCW account guy and he gave me a few options which wasnt of any help, so I stuck to good old hanging up the phone method.

I was kinda surprised that this time round, my line was perfectly quiet.
Then all of sudden, the spam fax calls came through again, after my husband subscribed to the IDD 0060 service. I couldnt understand till a letter came through today and I looked at the service details.

Apparently, my line came with a free fax service. Damn that is why!
So I called up the hotline to try to terminate the fax service since I have no use for it.
Apparently I cannot get it unbundled but I was offered an even better piece of news.
I could actually subscribe my number with the govt to get it registered as a "DO NO CALL" for unsolicited callers!

OMG! Finally something is looking right and up for a change!
So I went to the govt OFTA website ( , and registered my number for all the 2 offenders - spam pre-recorded messages and spam faxes.
Hopefully this will drive my nightmares away!

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