Sunday, June 6, 2010

Looking forward to my "release"

After the clash of the titans with the canadian pr*ck, I threw in my letter of resignation. No reason to stick around to be insulted by some arrogant arsehole who has a sweat shop mentality and think all asians should be submissive to him.

Of course, since all my colleagues were present in the background during the last "confrontation" between him and I, my boss was eager to do damage control by calling a staff meeting to assure everyone that Mt Twat was actually a very nice guy. No one believed him of course but no one bothered to say a word either. I mean, if the boss hired this twat, he's not gonna admit he made a terrible mistake would he esp when my boss himself is not exactly a great person - one who suffers from chronic PMS-like behaviour and likes to have his fair share of raising his voice at my Indonesia colleague (who happened to be the only one there who didnt have a uni degree)

Anycase, In between and now, the jacka*s still comes into the office once in a while, and I just heard him made a snide remark. How childish but I pretended to have my earphones stuck to my ears and ignored him. I am just counting down till end of June for me to get out of the hell hole.

My "boss" of course thought that by saying nothing after a week, all is well and now trying to get me to extend my stay and not leave. Did you hear me say "Fk u?"

I like being responsible but I cannot work with people I have no respect for, esp westerners who behave cheaply, tell lies and have a superior esteem...

Unknown to him, 2 of his other capable perm staff are already planning to resign once he goes on his long hols next month. What they told me was how he the cheap bastard have been depriving them of their "deserved" bonus. He was supposed to give them bonus payment every quarter if the business makes profit.

The last half year, business have been booming and even a nitwit can tell we are reaping in loads of money. However, he told my colleagues that the business didnt make any profit and so he cannot pay them the 2 bonus payment. We didnt buy it of course. No money but he has money to hire a twat director, relocated to bigger office and expand a sales team? When my colleague asked the finance guy privately if the company made money, the answer was an absolute yes even though he couldnt tell her exactlty how much. My colleague asked her question in another manner. "Say theoretically, If we want to hire a perm staff of a monthly salary say at $20k, do we have any problem at all and how much in advance can we spare to pay him?" The finance guy said, absolutely no problem. And the company can afford to pay the new guy at least 1 year in advance." That was enough to piss the girls off.

What's more, they had so much work to do that they had to stay back till 11pm to prepare for new jobs and guess what? Instead of showing any appreciation, the boss yelled at them and reprimanded them for working so late and it was unacceptable. Have you ever encountered such a crazy fellow? Of course he rubs people off the wrong way with that sort of attitude.

When he is in a good mood, he will smile and everything is airy fairy. When he is stress, he will see everything negatively and be rather rude. He gives Brits a bad name.

Right now, I am just counting down to glorious end of June to my freedom. Feeling like an inmate now, awaiting eagerly for my release!


WhiteDuskRed said...

There are ups and downs in life~ I'm sure it will be over for you soon! I had a long period of time when I was feeling very down but these days everything at work seems flowing... funny how life goes like a roller coaster~

Stay in there~ And I sure agree with the penthouse!

"Just Me" said...

Thanks:) I really hope it will be over soon..this dark phase....u are lucky that work is going well! It's always good to hear that!!! I will hang in there for sure, till the blistering sun comes out! :)