Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hard to find a nice teapot in Singapore...

Believe it or not, one of the hardest thing to find or didnt find was teapot in Singapore. I mean a DECENT modern-looking one, and not one of those bloody ching-cheong-ugly-shitty-boring-cheena china looking thing.

I basically combed through the whole of Isetan, Suntec, Raffles City, Robinson and didnt find a single teapot with proper tea leaves strainer. What? Singaporean dont drink tea of tea leaves, or that they only drink the crappy tea bags? Even if I was willing to forego teapots and resigned to tea strainers, I still couldnt find any that will fit into a proper mug. I simply couldnt understand why since tea pots and tea strainers are dime and dozens in Hong Kong and even Sydney!

I spent effectively 2 whole afternoons from location to location and it was utterly in vain. I honestly couldnt believe it. if my frens were not with me on the hunt, they probably would think I am being picky or exaggerating.

The only one that was remotely nice was from WMF, but I aint gonna dish out couple of hundreds just for a teapot. I didnt have time to head to Takashimaya and the relatively nice one at Jones Grocer wasnt big enough in capacity. It really drove me nuts!

Back in Hong Kong, tea being an ingrained culture results in the splendid array of teapots. From the beautiful iron cast patterned teapots, to the refined version and the oriental chinese version. It was everywhere. I just went to Times Square today and I found one corner shop selling such a wide array my eyes were popping! My HK fren was laughing at my expression as I went berating the crappy stock piling of useless junks in Singapore "malls".

Sigh...the next time before I head back, I need to buy like a couple of teapots just to stock up at home!!! Singapore shopping really sucks, not to mention more expensive for the same things I can get in HK.

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