Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday final catch up

The last Sunday in Singapore was spent with 2 other guy friends. Had to even out the gender ratio this trip back! lol.

Primarily had wanted to meet up with Stan since his recent relocation back from Sydney. He was my one and only fren back then and I was so lucky to have been able to spend the year with him there rather than lobo on my own.

Funny how life turns out. Stan and I went to the same college for first 3 months and we didnt reunite till a drinks session with a common fren after we graduated from uni.

While the common fren had drifted apart over the years, the both of us remained tight and updated with each other's life. In life, there are just some people you know whom will be your great bud for the longest time without any romantic inkling and Stan is just one of those few rare generous selfless souls!

Knowing how much I missed the raw nuts from Bondi Junction, he had specially lugged back at least 2 kg of nuts back for me! Touuuuuuccccched!

Since both of us already had our lunch, we dropped by Coffee Club for a decadent afternoon snackie, which translate into a pretty big slice of muddy mud pie. The drinks here have definitely taken a turn for the worse but the dessert was still decent.

We talked about the Political scene in Sg. I felt good ministers regardless of parties should be voted in. If people just vote randomly for the oppositions (esp the bad ones), then how different are we from PAP trying to usher their own people in via the GRC mechanism. The idea of elections is to vote credible people in. Putting good people in is important. I just had a feeling that some people have gone amok in their train of thoughts.

Anyway, as the tea time progressed, the topic moved on from our "civilian duties" to Stan and his impending wedding. I think I am such a good influence. Lol! 4 months ago when we had lunch, I talked him out of procrastinating in his proposal and had him scouting for a ring after our lunch.

As rightly predicted, I was told his gf was relieved and exclaimed its about time and she thought he would never ask! Haha!  I told him that I expect his wedding to be no later than Sep next year. He innocently asked me "Why not this year?" I stared into his eyes and asked "Do you even think its remotely possible judging by the current speed of things?!!!" He laughed his sheepish laughs.

In between the laughs and "evil" crackling, I asked him how he could stand me at times. His reply was 10% of  goofiness, 20% of vocalness, 30% of indignant, 40% of possible norm. That is what made me uniquely likeable and fun to be with. Awwwww...I was feeling all warm and fuzzy when I heard that:)

By 5pm, I had to split and head home. I think my dog is missing me to pieces.

I wasnt wrong. When I reached home, my lovable pup work himself up into a crazy bundle jumping all around my legs. I had to brush him off and trying to calm him down since I had enough scratches from his over excited pawing on my naked thighs. Even my brother's command to stop was no avail. This little fellow really misses me! The pup wont let up until I sat down, and he jumped straight into my lap and curl up like a baby, moving my hands with his paws to give him my loving scratches. It is such moments of attachment where I felt the dog is more like mine than my bro's! Lol! My mum poked her head out and exclaimed the dog was like a limp piece of vegetable when I wasnt at home and now he is bounds of energy. Both my brother and mum couldnt quite figure nor understand why the puppy is so smitten with me.

From the moment I was home, the pup refused to let me out of his sight. He rather stick around and guard me when I poo. Dont quite get why he rather smell my poo than play with his own toys. If I didnt know better, I think the pup worships the ground I walk! hahahaha!

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