Monday, May 9, 2011

Woof Woof!

Life pretty much went back to normal after the elections. The remaining days were just purely catch up with old frens and playing with my dog. He has work himself up into a frenzy ever since I was back. I think he missed his playmate -me. My mum adores him and fed him well but she doesnt know how to play with the pup, and my brother is too much of an alpha male that scares the poor lil thing. So here comes the affectionate face and doggie just went crazy and wont leave me out of his sight.

Met up with Bunny gal and lil tod in tow in town since it was her day off. I keep forgetting how much and fast lil kids pick up from adults speech. 

I was pushing the pram and pointing out little animals to the 2year old as we passed this clothes shop. I wasnt sure if she even understood what I was saying as I rattle on with cat, caterpillar, poodle, butterfly. Assuming she wasnt paying attention and I was only talking to myself, I merely said "Woof Woof" as I pointed to the last picture of a dog. And that was then when the 2year old repeated after me "Woof Woof". Oh CRAP. What had I done!!! LOL!!!

I was half laughing and half desperately trying to correct her, pointing to the picture saying "Dog Dog". Her half amused mummy also quickly jumped in and corrected "Not woof woof but dog dog!" However, the little one just looked on at us in silence again and smiled.  I guess Woof woof will be stuck for a while...hahaha.

We popped over to Wild Honey. It was said to be a "hot fav" haunt for many. The service was good, and there was indeed a variety of food but were all too heavy for me. The food wasnt bad but honestly unless u have a huge appetite, dont bother. 

We pop back up to Jones Grocer when our respective partners came to join us girls couple of hours later. It was good chatting for a while about elections..i mean what else could be the hottest topic in town? 

By 5pm, we called it a day and went our separate ways after spending the lovely day together. More thankfully I am appreciative that despite all the hassle of bringing a kid out on her own, my galfren never once complained nor cancelled on me and that made me cherish her efforts even more. I guess this is what they meant by good frens vs frens. However the most impt thing of it all was how well behaved her daughter is. No screaming, no tantrums,  no running around. Amen. I told the couple, people like them ought to have more kids because they do not indulge and pander to the kids but are firm enough to  pull the leash on their little precious. Thank you!

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