Friday, May 13, 2011

Funny Friday nite out, and encounter with overfrenly cabbie

Without fail as always, went over to E's place for my usual sleep over for my trip back. We were supposed to meet some college frens on sat, so I thought it would be good to pop over on a Friday.

Since her op and with all the time on hand during her hospital leave, my BFF has picked up an immense interest in making muffins! Being a self professed terrible cook and her hubby told her not to cook....she decided she had better luck in the dessert department:) So came friday and these two bo liao women rolled up our sleeves (or rather swap to the least material outfit to combat the incredible heat wave) and got to work! 

E has a great blueberry muffins recipe and before long, we were both sweating it out in the kitchen. She didnt have a mixer so everything had to be whipped from scratch, the primitive way by hands! Okie, I have to confess it wasnt really a piece of cake considering we forgot to melt the butter since we were so engrossed in chitchatting earlier like long lost lovers... This is DEFINITELY a good way to keep your arm muscles toned, not sure about the damage on waistline though...

Since I had a prior dinner engagement with my other galfrens from work, I had to dashed off to Clarke Quay. off to Brewerkz since it has been a long while since I last set foot there for my birthday lunch with E and her hubby.

My ETA was 6.45pm but the gals were there earlier at 6.30pm and so I told them to go ahead to try grab a table since we were told that we couldnt secure a table reservations. On the phone, Doreen told me to go via exit C. I thought it was another exit but since she was already there, I figured she should know better. Upon reaching the train station, Doreen sent me another message that said "Got a table. Exit C"

At Exit C, I was welcomed by a flight of stairs, with a "warning" that this is a 5 storey steps, consisting of 90stairs. I hesitated because mathematically, I didnt know how much physical labour is involved in 90steps. Not having much time to spare, I gamely started to conquer my stairs challenge... I started to bitch to myself halfway thru as I started to realise this is a darn long flight of stairs!! Trusting Doreen that this is probably the nearest and best way to get to the restaurant, and that it would be too stupid to turn back, I finally huffed and puffed my way up to the top with satisfaction until I realised where I was! Damnit!! We are just next to Central mall and there was an escalator just next to this flight of stairs!!! Arrrrgggghhhh!!!! Getting my bearings, I headed off to Brewerkz and greeted by 2 very happy faces. 

As I sat down and asked her "Why on earth did you say exit C!!", Doreen and Elaine started to laugh as we swapped stories of our "emotional trauma" as we proceed on our"journey" up the stairs! The last sucker was Jennifer and we were laughing if we should subject her to the same ordeal! In the end, we decided we would tell her exit C and let her decide if she would also be conned into it! Meanwhile, as i commented on our luck to be able to secure a table on a busy friday nite, Doreen commented they probably reserved some tables for walk in. That was when Elaine burst out laughing stating "It sounded kinda strange, that we couldnt get a table via phone reservations because tables are reserved for walk in." Those little ironies:)

Half hour later, Jennifer arrived all cool and collected. We held our breath to see what she had to say. The min she settled down, she grabbed the ice water and gulped down before starting to  bitch about that demanding flight of stairs! 

We all burst into hearty laughs! Jennifer was describing how she realised she had a long way to go and she was dead tired mid way with her heavy bag and laptop, not to mention in heels. She confessed that she had to stop and rest in the middle of the flight because she didnt want to be caught dead huffing and puffing with a red face to be seen by the people at the ground level and the security video! "there's an image to maintain you know!" I was laughing so hard!

The standard of food has certainly dropped here. The buffalo wings and pizza were way over salty. My beer battered fish was still ok thankfully. For dessert, the lucky gals had a chance to savour my blueberry muffin though Doreen initially asked "Is it grey?!" 

We decided to adjourn to Coffee club and I honestly dont want to waste another post lamenting about china service staff who couldnt speak English and pissing me off. I think most people already know what I have to say....

Clarke Quay is seriously transformed. It was so packed and crowded. I hope this stays and has a longer shelf live than Mohammad sultan did.

While waiting for the cab, I was asking Jennifer if MOS is still around and she gave me the most horrified look and tried to hush me! It was quite funny seeing her look of panic as she explained that MOS has long gone! Hahaha! Guess I really am super out of touch with the local scene now!

Thankfully there were plenty of cabs and despite the long Q, it didnt take very long to reach us.  I jumped into the cab and told uncle the address. Since I am not familiar with the estate, I gave him the exact address. "Uncle, Upper Serangoon." The cab driver replied "Sengkang har!" Having very vague idea of where exactly Sengkang spans out, I replied "Ehhh..I dunno. It's upper serangoon" The driver repeated "That's sengkang lah! SENGKANG!" He persisted. Okie...I m not about to start a debate over if its sengkang or watever so long I get to where I am suppose to go. As he started to drive, I tried my luck again, "Uncle, not Hougang meh?" The driver insisted loudly "SENGKANG SENGKANG!" Okie okie....i get the drift that my opinion does not matter in this cab.

Just when I was about to lay my head back and relax, the cab driver who probably was trying to be friendly asked me "You are going home so early? The nite just started!" It was already 11.30pm and I wanted to head back to E's place earlier since I wanted to do more catch up with her. However not wanting to explain, I patronise the cab driver with "getting old, canx handle late nites anymore."

The cab driver leaned forward to get a good look at the rear mirror and then replied "No No, you still very young. You sure can afford to stay out later. So going home so early?" I was groaning inside. I really dont want to chat with uncle tonite. So I just gave a weak haha and tried to end it there. My frens sms me and I started to grin as I replied the series of texts. I was surprised when the uncle suddenly said "Wah who is that? So happy. Must be your boyfren lah!"

I was a little surprised since how on earth did he know I was grinning? My god? Was he staring back at me all these while? Am I being paranoid? So I replied "No lah, not boyfren." I put my mobile away and the next min, my text beep came in. I replied the text and the driver commented "So happy you sure not boyfren?"

Okie. This is seriously starting to be kinda weird.

So I answered him without thinking "Uncle, it's my Girlfren. NOT boyfren." Uncle was probably in his lala land on his own and replied "Ahh..boyfren lah." Dont asked me why but I felt the need to correct him "No uncle, it's GALFREN. You know, GIRL. NOT BOY."

Uncle went quiet. I was smirking in satisfaction until it hit me, did he think I was lesbian? Especially when he saw me kissing and hugging my goodbyes with 3 other gals earlier.. hahahaha!

In the next 5 mins, Uncle decided he should update me and said "Okie you are reaching home soon! You are reaching home safely." I thanked him and was dying to get away from this over friendly cabbie.

Just when we were about to pass through the security guardhouse, the driver still wasnt giving up. He asked me again "So not going out with yout boyfren izzit? Your boyfren waiting upstairs right?"

Wah pianz uncle! U still not giving up are you?! I honestly didnt know if I should be amused or annoyed at his persistent questioning. I dunno, maybe I am in a series of good mood being back and so I entertained uncle one more time "No uncle, i have no boyfren. My galfren is waiting upstairs." Technically I wasnt lying. I have a husband but not a boyfren and my galfren is really waiting for me, except she is married. hahaha.

I think Uncle finally gave up. He probably drove off wondering what the hell is wrong with girls nowadays...not having boyfrens but galfrens instead. Lol!

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