Sunday, May 29, 2011

Travel: Easter Holiday @ Amanpuri Phuket

Kinda belated in posting my last phuket trip but what the hell, it's my blog. Lol

We had canceled the Japan trip and swap it to Phuket last min during the easter break. Initially we were booked in for Indigo Pearl Phuket because we had a good time there when it was newly opened in 2007. We should know better to go there first on a peak season, and secondly when it has gotten such a high ranking in Trip advisor. 

The place was jammed packed when we got there. Both the pools were fully "loaded" with all the holiday makers. I couldnt even find a single lounging chair till after 3pm. It was crazy. What made it worse was the fact that none of the in house restaurants we wanted were available due to full crowd. Seriously! We ended up having to eat at one those local eateries along the beaches but I swear I wont go back there again after their very dishonest attitude of overcharging. Sometimes, this is one of the reason why i dislike going to these developing countries, where some people lacks the integrity to run business just because they are in a tourist district, it really brings a bad name to the region.

However, what broke the camel's back and had us scurrying away was not the crowd, but a bunch of Singaporean family. We were rudely awaken at about 9.30am by this series of screaming kids running loudly up and down the long common corridor and adults talking loudly. I can understand noise but come on man, this is a resort and while you want to unwind, so do other people. Will it kill you to talk softer and stop your kids from making such a din near other people's room? This is not your house and common courtesy would be nice.

So not having the luxury to sleep in, I made the most of it and woke up to brush my teeth. During the next 10-15mins, the kids were still screaming. WTF. I really am annoyed with these ill mannered brats. I opened the main door and looked. The parents obviously saw me checking the source of disturbance but not a word of apology or taking their kids in hand. U can tell a singaporean anywhere from their accent and I couldnt be more ashamed by having to call myself a fellow citizen at this instant. Dont singaporean parents have good parenting skills when they are away? Sure this is a holiday resort but shouldnt kids be making noise at a pool or playground or open field instead of just outside someone else's door?  There are other kids in the resort. How is it that I couldnt hear any noise from the non chinese kids but once the singaporeans appeared, their noise could bring the house down? So I wasnt being anal about kids, I just had the bad luck of constantly being placed in the same confine places with irritating singapore kids.

Just when we were deciding what to do, the next room of Singapore adults started chatting and laughing. They made sooo much noise that EVERYONE resting in the pool area looked up and stared at their room. Dear god, did they think being chinese, we are part of those inconsiderate noisy bastards too? hope not. Judging by those looks, I obviously wasnt the only ones being annoyed at the having the peace and serenity destroyed by a family of selfish people.

However, it was thanks to them that I had the great fortune of moving to Amanpuri. It was US$700 more expensive than what we paid per night at Indigo but my husband didnt want to have our precious holidays ruined by a bunch of people who couldnt learn to tone down their volume. 

It was funny listening in to my hubby's conversation with the Amanpuri people. He was asking how long it will take and he couldnt believe his ears when they told him 45mins. So he spend the next few mins aruging about how it is impossible. I couldnt hold it in and asked him "Does it really matter if its 30mins ot 45mins dear? I mean, is it such a deal breaker? Plus if it is less than 45mins, then the ride will be less than 45mins, so why are u endlessly going on and on in circles about it?" Hearing that, my hubby seemed to awaken from his broken record loop and told the hotel to book in our stay. I went back to my packing. Sometimes, i really dont get how his brain

Anycase, Amanpuri was lovely. Expensive, but lovely. And prob because of the price, there were lesser kids. No let me rephrase that. There were lesser western kids but NO chinese kids. However, the western kids were very well behaved. Apart from the beach, they were very quiet and conducted themselves appropriately and I couldnt even hear them talk, least of all anything remotely resembling like scream. Why is there such a disparity in upbringing I cannot understand. Is there something wrong with some chinese parenting?

Anycase, the room here is big and spacious and I love the toiletries for a change as compared to other standard fares in other resorts. There isnt a TV in the room but u can request for it. Each unit comes with an outdoor pavilion. It was too hot to roast outside, plus I might as well roast by the beach than out amongst the garden. Still it was nice. I love their library too! They have really great decent English reads! From pop fiction to classics. U can easily find something here! The best thing was I forgotten my iphone charger and the hotel has one to loan to! Amen!!!

The changing room and main bedroom

 The outdoor pavilion that comes with each self standing villa.

 The garden view resorts

The common pool

The best thing about Amanpuri was that they had lovely private beach. The sand were white and soft and the water was so placid and welcoming. For the first time in my life, i actually enjoyed being by the beach, esp when i have wi-fi access all the way here!

 Lounging by the beach

 Inviting waters

Having a lap swim after a day of doing nothing

 View from top from the restaurant
 "YEah! After a successful sun tanning day!"

 "Enjoying my book in the shaded breeze..this is life!"

 "the biggest hermit crab I have seen to date!"

"View of the restaurant from down at the beach"

 The sea view from the gym

We snorkeled but there was nothing much to see. I saw this big beautiful pink jellyfish and was rather excited until I remembered "Oh fk, jellyfish sting is venomous isnt it?" and i have never backpedaled so fast in my life!!! I got on to shore and goggled. Ok, box jellies had been spotted before. Okie, going too far out is not a good idea then. When I water jetski and I saw so many jellies further out from the cornered off swimming area. They were lovely from the water surface though.

Food was not bad in the place. The thai food was actually pretty good and so was the Italian. Didnt try the Japanese food because the menu didnt look appetizing enough. 

At the end of the stay, we gotten a lovely Amanjunkie shirt as a gift for staying more than twice in more than two different Aman resorts. I winked an evil grin and twinkle at my partner and he rolled his eyes..."What have i turned u into" he bemoaned. Too late now darling, too late now. I can never go back to Indigo Pearl ever again! Bwhahaha.


Surin Beach Phuket said...

Phuket island has so many fantastic beaches which will make a lot of attention from the tourists who visit the island.
Amanpuri hotel is very nice clean and the people are friendly. VERY nice hotel with helpful staff.

Nomad said...

U are right, I would advocate Amanpuri resort to anyone who desires quality, efficient and lovely holiday stay. The staff I had encountered were all very helpful, courteous and friendly! Never once impatient. very typical of the lovely Thai culture where service is often ranked very high. Looking forward to more Phuket holidays for sure!

Patong Guesthouse said...

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