Saturday, May 28, 2011

Darling gaby

Finally uploaded more new pixs of my darling Gabby. How much he has grown.

Simply cannot believe how attached to me. Sigh...I miss "my" doggie. Bro said he looked kinda sad and listless the first week i was gone. I miss him too...sad sad... wonder if he is still playing the yellow toy that sweet auntie Eileen had bought for him. Such lucky boy, even my bff dotes on him so much!

"Playing hide and seek"

"Constantly by my side"

"Wondering if I am playing with him soon"

"Patiently letting me take his self portrait"

"Awww. u sweet doppy thing. Stop stealing my heart!"

 "Looking sad as I lock him up...awwww..sweet heart! My heart is breaking when he looks like that!"
 "Wont you play with me?" gaby says
"Yeah play with me!" Gaby brightens up!

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