Saturday, May 14, 2011

One of my old fren fly back from biz trip earlier than I expected, just when I thought we were gonna give each other a miss. It was a little late but better later than never I suppose.

Have I not been paying enough attention? Someone got a brand new expensive sports convertible when I wasnt looking! Darn! I m losing my mojo! Didnt he just had a different car on my last trip and that was like what, 6 months ago?!!!! Oh well...what am I going on about for? The advantage of having a fren who loves pretty and fast cars and can afford it, is that my precious butt gets to sit in it! Lol!

I have been in convertibles but not in Sg. So this is pleasantly a first time. Thankfully too that the humid and blistering hot weather had taken a nice dip after the heavy downpour and so surprisingly, it was rather nice to "breeze" thru the roads.

Took a short spin to have late night beancurd dessert and funnily, my brother's paranoia of having his "Beemer" scratched by inconsiderate drivers must have rubbed off me. I was actually more concerned about my fren leaving his in the midst of Geylang than he was! Lol!

As we chatted, my fren told me that he found it strange that I wasnt working because he couldnt imagine the workaholic that he knew then can live this way of being a bummer. Hahaha! He was a little concerned for me, rightly so but I assured him the so-call "flame of life" is still burning within and not put out. So we left it at that. This is a person who probably does understand me to a certain degree but having not met up for a while, I suppose we have this boundary lines that had risen up unknowingly.

I dont really want to go into details with him either, simply because I dont really have a strong reason. Maybe I just am sick of the corporate world and happy as things stand at this point in time. Curiously, he is prob the only person who had not once asked me if I ever planned to return. In a way I am thankful he didnt ask because it does gets pretty tiring after a while to be parroting the same uncertain answer. I mean if I am ready to come back, I will come back. I just dont know what the future stores so it's always a "I dunno, see how" answer. Then again, I am the sort of person who doesnt give advance notice. You will know it when the deed is done.

As I was slurping on my beancurd, I told my fren aint we lucky to be living in this liberal modern society,  where it's actually possible to be seen hanging out with frens of opposite gender and not be misconstrued as some clandestine love affair?!! Amen. Folks like my mum who still cling on to old traditions of "appropriate distance" will probably be shaking her head in disapproval right now. hahaha.

The nite wears on, with both parties catching up on each other's tidbits. I suppose he was getting a little tired of his job considering the amount of time he had to fly. Instead of the 40%, it seems closer to 70%. His frequent flyer got upgraded within a month since he started on this new job. So it's not surprising that he's feeling kenna low since its seriously affecting his social life. Frens just stop inviting him out because their schedule could never seem to match and people just naturally stop trying. Just facts of life. I didnt know if it was sad or funny when he said he hardly even get to sleep in his own bed nowadays because he rather crashed in the living room couch than make it up to the upper floor. If he thinks I am workaholic, I dunno what to label him as.

What was funny was his observation of his own growing gut. He was horrified when he suddenly realised that he was resting his hands comfortably on his baby waist pouch. I was laughing so hard at his expression. Yes, vanity has always been one of his virtue though working out isnt, not since he stopped his tennis. Lol!

I suppose the part about not working is that, I dont really have much angst or complaints to share. So I played the dutiful listening ear most of the time. I suppose my dear fren here just needed to unload his chest too. It's also heartening to have someone tell you that he is glad you are here and being missed since it's not easy for both of us to catch up often. So being able to play a small part in cheering his day up today is the best thing I can do I suppose:)

As I look back, I am seriously blessed. Having the great fortune of hooking upand be surrounded by some really great and sweet people who takes the time and heart to be a fren. I dunno if I measure up all the time but I think I am doing ok I suppose from the way things look. I am thankful, thankful for what life has bestowed upon me - the tribulations and the rewarding happiness. For now, I am just grateful for every moment I get to spend with the people who love me, and vice versa, the people that I love back.

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